5 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out With Digital Photo Booths Houston

Here are some of the ways a digital photo booth can make your brand visibility grow exponentially.

Customizing your photo booth backgrounds

The easiest way to boost your company image is by showcasing your brand on the selfie booths backgrounds. A customized background may have your company’s contact information, social media handles, logo, website, or any other info as would a landing page.

Therefore, wherever the photos taken by the booth go, so will your company’s basic information. Besides, when these pictures get shared on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, they create astonishing brand awareness to a greater audience.

Fun giveaway is always worth sharing

Give out brochures, and they will end up in a trashcan. Conversely, no one forgets happy and fun moments shared during their corporate events. What a better way to help them capture and store the moments than with photo booth rental Houston? Your brand will be attached to happy and fun memories, which are often easily shared. As such, you can count on photo booths Houston to create a lasting impression of your company.

Creating real-time awareness

Nothing attracts more attention than a live event. However, airing your live event to create company awareness can be costly. This is where photo booth rental Houston comes in handy. Create real-time awareness by launching a unique hashtag that will be used by those taking photos inside the booth.

The hashtag will enable outside audiences to keep up with events at the corporate function. Additionally, an appropriate marketing strategy can help the event go viral.

How Renting a Photo Booth in San Diego Can Make Any Event Worth Remembering?

Renting a photo booth can take the pressure off, knowing your guests are capturing great memories whilst you spend your precious time with them. Your guests will have fun creating their own photoshoots, and you can treasure these moments for years to come. Seeing your friends and family dressed up in silly hats, striking a pose, or looking glam are priceless memories. A photo booth can make any event worth remembering.

Benefits of Renting a Photo Booth San Diego

There are many benefits when it comes to San Diego photo booth rental, meaning it is a great choice for your next event. Whether that is a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate event, a photo booth is a welcome addition.

Firstly, you can choose your backdrops, what type of props your guests can use, and the general theme for your photo booth photos. The booth is then set up in a designated area where guests can come and go as they please, taking as many photos as they like. They can even come with different skins, so they match the décor or theme of your event. Afterward, guests can take their own photos home as souvenirs, and the host will also receive all photos taken during the event as a keepsake and great memories.

What Makes Photo Booth Rental Special?

The photo booth experience can be unique for you and your event. As well as tailoring the theme and props to your event, you can also personalize the photos. For example, you can request a specific border that is in keeping with your party theme. Or add the date and the reason for the party such as the particular wedding or birthday party you are celebrating. The main thing is you can create your memorable photos tailored to you.

There are different options when it comes to photo booths, too, so make sure you do your research and find out what works best for you. Choose digital or printed versions of your photos; decide whether you want to make GIFs or videos or just stick to still photographs? Then there’s the choice of looks and props for your photos too. If you are thinking about hiring a Photo Booth San Diego, take a look here to choose a photo booth, perfect for your upcoming event.

Adding Photo Booths Can Make Your Big Day Even More Memorable

Why Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding?

Weddings can be the most joyful events; drinks are flowing, and your nearest and dearest are all in one room for the purpose of celebrating your love. Depending on who made the seating plan, though, weddings can also be a little awkward! Photo booths mean that those in the wedding party who aren’t up for busting a move on the dancefloor can have fun taking selfies instead, and booths are an amazing way of breaking the ice, getting guests up from their dinner tables and mingling together.

While classic wedding photographs are beautiful, they also tend to be quite formal, and it’s unlikely that all of your guests will end up in the reception photos. A photo booth means that all of your guests can capture some candid shots, so you’ll be able to look back and laugh at what they were up to while you were smooching your new spouse on the dancefloor.

Fun Props and More

We provide props with all of our photo booth packages; whether it’s a top hat, a princess crown, funny glasses, or a ‘Team Bride’ sign, they’re sure to keep your guests amused all night long. Our booths offer high quality, unlimited prints, so your guests can just keep going back for more fun, and they will love sharing their snaps instantly on social media. You can even customize the booth for your wedding day with a personal hashtag, and our glittery backdrops will add a dose of sparkle to your snaps.

One of the great benefits of having a photo booth at your wedding is the option of adding a customized scrapbook so that you keep all of your treasured snapshots in one place. Our attendants will add the photos to the book, and your guests can add special messages that will put a smile on your faces for years to come. Attendants will also lookout for any issues with the booth so that you don’t need to worry about anything but enjoying your special day.

Rent a Wedding Photo Booth in San Francisco

If you are looking for Photo Booth Rental in San Francisco and want to add that special something to your day, look no further than Selfie Booth Co. We have years of experience in providing booths for our clients’ big days. Call us on 415-991-7576 or drop us an email at hello@selfieboothco.com, and together, we can make your wedding day picture perfect.

Finding the Best Photo Booth Rental in Houston and San Diego

Photo booth rental Houston

Houston isn’t just the home of the space station, but it’s also the base for numerous businesses. If you are a business looking for photo booth rental in Houston, look for a company that offers customized branding on their booths and prints so that you stay fresh in the minds of your clients. Ensure that the booth is a sleek and simple design that won’t overwhelm the space and is easy to transport and set up so that you can focus on all-important networking. Look for a rental company that provides trendy add-ons like green screen and Boomerang GIFS that can be shared instantly on social media.

San Diego Photo Booth Rental

Known for its beautiful sandy beaches and incredible climate, San Diego is the perfect place for a wedding or soiree of any kind. If you’re planning a party in ‘America’s Finest City,’ you should look for a company that provides booths with customized props and backdrops that will mean fun and personalized experience for your guests. High-quality photos and endless prints in various sizes are a must so that people can take their memories away with them.

Ensuring that your rental company offers insurance is also vital so that you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong and can concentrate on your big day.

Why choose us for your photo booth rental?

Here at Selfie Booth Co, we have years of experience of providing clients across the country with photo booth services, and we offer a number of different packages to suit our clients’ needs. We are passionate about providing the best photo booth rental, and we offer a wide range of props and backdrops, the most up-to-date features, free setup and delivery, and liability insurance with $1,000,000 of coverage. Just look through some of our glowing testimonials to see some of our satisfied customers!

So if you’re looking for the right company to deliver your selfie Booth needs in Houston or San Diego, look no further! Contact us on 713-352-1166 – Houston or 858-252-4340 – San Diego or drop us an email at hello@selfieboothco.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Wanna Enjoy 5 Best Photo Booth Rentals in Bay Area? Read all here!

Planning and coordinating events/parties can be quite stressful. However, having the photos department sorted by photo booths with professional lighting and high-quality photos will help light up your party, creating great fun for your guests.

Here we take a look at some of the 5 best photo booth Bay Area rentals that are giving taking photos a whole new meaning while adding fun to the experience:

  1. Photobox

Photobox has been in the event and wedding photography industry since 2004 but ventured into photo booth rentals just over 8 years ago. Their photo booths are made in San Francisco and pride themselves in that most of their staff is made up of photographers and photojournalists.

Depending on the package you choose, Photobox offers logo placement, color scheme design, unlimited photo sessions, an attendant, and 6-month web hosting of your pictures. They also have add-ons, including larger prints, Guestbook, San Francisco Bay Area Sports Team Kit among other props.

However, it is worth noting that Photobox adds a 25% charge for those booking photo booth rentals Bay Area for outdoor wedding events. They also offer dog photo booth services.

  1. Photomatica

These photo booth rentals are run by former college track teammates. Photomatica offers photo booth rentals in the Bay area, Knoxville, Los Angeles, New England, Texas, and TN. In addition to photo booth rentals, Photomatica provides tintype rentals and permanent photo booth installation. Besides, the company also buys and sells vintage booths.

Their photo booth rentals provide unlimited photo strips and an onsite photo booth technician. Moreover, their open-air photo booths can accommodate up to 8 people; hence they are ideal for large groups. They also offer fully customized photo strips with your event’s name or logo and allow your guests to create animated gifs from the photos.

Photomatica also allows your guests to email or text digital images directly to their phones.

  1. SnapFiesta

SnapFiesta has been around for over 9 years now. Their photo booths are ideal for social and marketing events, such as corporate parties. Although it serves the whole country, it is based in San Francisco and LA. SnapFiesta’s photo booth Bay area rentals offer a variety of dynamic services ranging from open set 360 slow motion studios to unlimited photo sessions and prints.

They also offer customizable features that suit your event best. With these photo booth rentals, you also get over 50 backdrops, personalized print layouts and a variety of themed props. Besides, SnapFiesta’s booths use high-end lighting, which provides professional photographs. Besides their open set traditional photo booths, Slow Motion and Flipbook Studio allow you to fit as many as 15 people in one shot.

  1. Snap Yourself

Serving events in LA, San Francisco Minneapolis, New York, and Chicago, Snap Yourself is run by a group of photo industry professionals. Their open photo booth rentals Bay area has a remote wireless snapper that gets your guests in on the act as they take pictures.

Besides, Snap Yourself photo booths ensure each of the photos has a personalized graphic overlay and provides a lot of props for your guests to get creative.

Their services also include custom backdrops and allow guests to print their favorite shots instantly on the unlimited print yourself station. Snap Yourself also provides a separate sharing station that helps guests to send photos directly to their phones.

  1. Selfie Booth Co

We have saved the best for last. You don’t talk photo booth Bay area rentals without a mention of Selfie Booth’s high tech and elegant booths. From fully insured booths with Instagram inspired filters, unlimited prints, customized logos on prints to branded selfie booths for corporate events, Selfie Booth Co is the best of the bunch.

It was launched a few years ago by a professional photographer keen on adding more fun to weddings by giving them different options for photos. Selfie Booth Co is now among the best not only in the Bay Area but also in LA, Miami, Philadelphia, and San Diego among other states.

What makes Selfie Booth Co the best? Well, the company’s booths are built in the UK, are easy to use with better and high-quality lighting that produces cutting edge selfies. Besides, they use advanced DSLR cameras and allow perfect instant printing without any smudges.

More importantly, Selfie Booth’s photo booth rentals in the Bay area allow guests to send pictures directly to their phones as well as share on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Even better, this feature is available in their basic package.

Photo booths bring monumental fun experiences to parties by always keeping the guests engaged. Do you have an upcoming event in the Bay Area? You can contact Selfie Booth to enquire on their super high-tech, modern photo booth rentals Bay Area and give your guests memories they will cherish forever.

Tips for Finding the Best Photo Booth Rental in Houston

You will find a wide variety of features that you will need to decide on: Do you want printed photos? Are they in color or black and white? Is it possible to share photos on social media? Are the props included in the rate?

Make sure that the photo booth rental provides you with good quality pictures, and that it will save copies of them after the event. Get informed about the technologies available in the market so you know you will have exactly what you need.

Choose the Right Time

Choose the right time to advertise the photo booth. Some moments during the event can be more opportune than others. Introduce the booth only when the party has already started and advanced when guests are having fun, especially if alcohol is served, as they will be uninhibited and more encouraged to take fun selfies.

But be careful, do not waste your time leaving it until the end of the event, because the guests may already be preparing to leave. The amount of time will depend on the event itself and the number of guests.

Be Aware of the Rate

The duration of the photo booth rental Houston service during the event will be the most determining factor for the total rental price. You must analyze your event schedule and define how many hours will allow you to get the most out of the photo booth.

Location Matters

Another determining factor of the cost is the location; the further the place of the event is, the higher the price for the transfer costs. Always prioritize rental houses that are close to the place where the party or event will be held.

The price will also be directly related to the benefits of the photo booth, its quality and accessories. Remember to negotiate with the rental house the price for the prints. The more accessories you include, the higher the rate will be.

Finally, if you want a social media upload feature, make sure you have Wi-Fi in the lounge and, otherwise, only consider providers that will be able to take their own device to ensure wireless connectivity.

If you want to know the latest photo booth technology available, check our catalog and ask your photo booth rental company in Houston for our products and service offerings.