Selfie Booth Has many cool features to fit your event!

Mobile Photo Booths

Skin Smooth “Kardashian” Style photos

Beauty filters making your skin smooth and make you looking much better and younger. Usually, photos are B&W, but can be Color as well.

Unlimited prints 2×6 or 4×6

Our prints always are unlimited! We have a huge selection of the prints designs to suit the style and color scheme of your event.

Share photos by Text message, Email, Facebook or Twitter

With Selfie Booth, your guests will be able to send their pictures directly to their phone as a text message or email. They can also share their photos on social media so their friends can like and comment. This feature is included in the basic package of the Selfie Booth rental.

Image of Photo filters

Photo filters

Thanks to Instagram, everybody loves filters, and Selfie Booth has them! Users can choose from basic filters like color, black & white, sepia, and a variety of Instagram inspired vintage filters. Or you can choose to keep your photos natural #nofilter. There’s no additional charge for using filters and they’re including in the basic package.

Image of Gif sample #2

Animated GIFs (Boomerangs)

Animated GIFs are now more popular than ever. Give your guests the choice of uploading a still photo or an Animated GIF.

Image of Your logo on the prints

Your logo on the prints

Add a personal touch to your Selfie Booth prints by having them branded with your company logo or your wedding logo. Your company will stay in the minds of all your guests when they take your branded prints home with them. For weddings and other personal occasions, you can have any logo printed or we can even create one for you.

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Green Screen

Transport your guests and your party all around the world with our Green Screen technology. You can pose in front of any background you’d like: the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Coliseum in Rome, the Great Wall of China, and many more.


Add a Scrapbook to your Selfie Booth rental package to keep all your prints in one place. It’s the perfect way to cherish those memories forever and share them with your friends and family.
Scrapbook is an additional $125. This includes the scrapbook itself, extra prints, and one attendant on site who will stick prints into the scrapbook.

Image of Branded Selfie Booth

Branded Selfie Booth 

Perfect for corporate events and staff parties, we can add your company branding onto the back of the selfie booth. A great way to promote your company! Also, to be creative you can add your wedding photo on the back of the selfie booth.



Professional Canon camera to capture your best side with high quality photos.


Professional printer produces high quality 4″x6″ and 2″x6″ prints.


We have а variety of different backdrops which will fit your party perfectly.


Captures up to 60 seconds of video so your guests can make a toast or get creative in front of the camera.

LED Lights

The Range of LED light colors to fit the style of your venue!

We get it: party planning is stressful, especially when you’re planning an event for a major occasion like a wedding or corporate anniversary party. So we suggest making at least one part of the planning a bit easier: book a party photo booth rental with us, and let us do the work when it comes to creating perfect photos of all your guests. Whether you need a photo booth rental in Houston, a photo booth in San Diego, or any number of other places, we guarantee our features and offerings are a cut above the competition.

Party photo booth rental

We offer a few different levels of packages, but all of our offerings come with some standard features that we think are important to offer our renters no matter what budget they have. So all rentals come with free delivery and setup, as well as an on-site attendant to assist during the entire time of your rental. Though our touchscreen programs are easy to use, the attendant will be there to help in case anyone has trouble. We’ll also bring fun props and accessories to pose with for your guests – oh, and they can pose as many times as they want, since all rentals come with unlimited 2” x 6” photo strip prints. That means you and your guests can keep a copy of every goofy pose, smile, and memory captured at your event.

Share the Party Booth Photo Rental Photos Any Way You Want!

Our photo booths have easy-to-use touchscreen interfaces and quickly print professional-level portraits right from the machine. But that’s not the only way for your guests to share their photos. While the booth is printing copies, guests can use the screen to email or text photos to themselves or share directly to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. And just to make it a little more fun, even our basic package includes the ability to add filters and Instagram-inspired effects to the photos.

Okay – Let’s Talk Tech.

We’re happy you asked! Our party photo booth rentals all have professional-level DSLR cameras built-in and a high-quality, high-output printer that ensures against smudging or blurring to create perfect photos every time. Our booths even have built in LED lights and lighting designed to flatter and soften features, creating photos your guests will love.

Want Event More Features for Your Next Party Photo Booth Rental?

No problem! Our party photo booth rentals offer plenty of extra features you can add on for a small fee. That way, you can pick and choose which features you want without paying extra for those you don’t. Available add-on features include Green screen or enhanced backgrounds, larger 4” x 6” prints (unlimited, of course,) or the ability to make and share videos and gifs. You can also add your logo to the prints – perfect for corporate events and weddings – or to the side of the booth itself. Since our booths have a clean and modern look, they work well with any style of branding.

Looking for additional features or add-ons? Let us know – whether you need a photo booth in San Diego, Houston, Los Angeles, or anywhere near Orange County, we’re happy to help. Just contact us today!