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Selfie Booth is a perfect addition to any party or event

Selfie Booth is a new style open air photo booth with modern design and cutting-edge technology. Your guests will love sharing awesome pictures to their phone, social media or email, as well as being able to print them as a keepsake. It is perfect for all kinds of parties and events. Corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations – whatever the occasion, let your guests capture memories from the party with a fun and dynamic photo booth experience.

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Unlimited 2×6 and 4×6 Prints

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Instant Texts and Emails

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Instant Printing under 7 seconds

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Touch Screen technology

Studio Quality Photos

Studio Quality Photos

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20+ Backdrops available for your choice. From classic backdrops all the way to Sequin and Mermaid backdrops!

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Why Consider A Photo Booth For An Event?

Photo booths are taking the world by storm, being used in product launches, weddings, birthday parties, and many other events. These products are used in different ways to make these events more fun, as well as to add an element to them that will allow the guests to enjoy and cherish the memories they make at the event.

There are multiple reasons why people should consider to rent a photo booth in Chula Vista for their next event, be it a wedding, a party, or another event. These devices will not essentially add an element of fun to almost any type of event that might be organized but have many added benefits that should also be taken into consideration.

The Benefits A Photo Booth Can Offer You

First off, it is important to consider the fact that photo booth rental Chula Vista TX services often turn out to be much more affordable than a lot of people think they are. The particular costs involved with renting such a device depend on the specific type of photo booth that is rented, as well as the period of time during which the customer wants to rent the photo booth for.

Most companies who offer photo booth rental Chula Vista will provide the customer with a very convenient experience as well – there is zero no tasks to be done on the customer’s side. The company will deliver all components needed to set the photo booth up, and they will do the setup for the customer. Once the event is over, the company will then remove all components that are part of the photo booth.

Impress Your Guests With The Many Options Added To The Photo Booth

With many different options to choose from when it comes to photo booth rental Chula Vista, this further adds to the overall convenience of this idea. Companies are increasingly coming up with new ways to impress the guests of events through a photo booth – and this is leading to a number of convenient options and customizations being added to product lines that include photo boots.

Some companies will also provide the customer with the ability to add additional props to the photo booth. This can help to create specific “themed” selfies for guests who are attending the event. Whether a series of Halloween props to add a scary factor or a bunch of silly decorations to kick things up and make the photos turn into a fun moment.

Trust Us With Your Next Photo Booth Rental

If you are looking for an affordable way to add more fun to your next event, while also giving guests the ability to create special memories, then consider our photo booth rental Chula Vista services. We have a series of photo booths that you can choose from to ensure your event turns out perfect.