Corporate Headshots
for your team

Elevate your team’s image with exclusive AI-enhanced
backgrounds for headshots, all captured by our Selfie Station
and delivered via email or instant download


Easy Professional Business Headshots
with AI Background Removal

Our headshot photo booth captures your best angle in a snap. Step in front of the booth.
Press the button. In under two minutes, you’ll have a professional-grade headshot.

Selfie Station for Corporate Headshots

Nationwide ShippingWe bring the headshot experience
to you, wherever you are
AI Background RemovalWe use advanced AI tech to seamlessly
remove and replace backgrounds
BrandableCreate your unique skin based on
logos and branding
Email Sharing, Online GalleryEasily share and access headshots
through our digital delivery options
DIY InstallationSets up in minutes by following
our simple video tutorial guide
Place it anywhereThe sleek, compact design allows
you to set up anywhere
SurveysGather feedback easily by allowing
survey mode on the touchscreen
Long-term, Short-term RentalWe offer flexible rental periods tailored to your needs

Capturing Professional Headshots
has never been more convenient

Present your team as a united front with headshots that share a consistent look and feel. This cohesion enhances your
company’s overall presentation and leaves a lasting impact on clients, partners, and employees alike.

Creative templates let you inject some personality and style to your portraits. From lively backgrounds to striking colors
and trendy overlays, the options are limitless. Experiment with unique props or lighting, filtering, and editing techniques.
Let your creativity shine with headshots that are as vibrant and unique as you are.

No matter if you’re in finance, technology, education, or any other field, these templates are designed to reflect your
identity and profession. They capture your essence and what you do, all while matching the expectations and
preferences of your industry.

Your executives represent your brand, values, and vision.Our Executive Headshots template is designed to showcase
their leadership distinctly, making sure they stand out as the faces of your organization.Experience high-quality executive
headshots that not only capture their likeness but also convey their authority, confidence, and professionalism

Explore a range of outdoor-inspired backgrounds, each with its own unique charm and character. Whether you’re drawn to
the serene beauty of a beach, the dynamic energy of a cityscape, or the peaceful ambiance of a forest, our backgrounds set
the perfect stage for your portraits. With our affordable and accessible rental options, professional headshots are within
reach for every budget and every schedule.

AI Background Removal

Clear backgrounds mean clean, polished headshots. Our booth
uses advanced AI tech to seamlessly remove and replace
backgrounds, leaving you with a crisp, clear image that puts
you in the spotlight. Our AI swaps it with whatever backdrop
you prefer — whether it’s a sleek office setting or a vibrant
pattern, the choice is entirely yours.

Effortless Business Headshots.
Anytime, Anywhere.

Headshots don’t have to be an expensive
coordination nightmare anymore. We ship
the professional photo booth directly to
you using a carrier service, complete with
a prepaid return label.

Place Selfie Station at Your Office.
Set up the booth yourself by following our
easy instructions. No photography
expertise required.

Capture high-quality headshots for your
employees whenever it suits their
schedules – during breaks, before/after
shifts, or dedicated sessions.

When everyone’s done, simply pack it up and
send the booth back to us using the provided
return label. We offer flexible short-term and
long-term rental options to suit your needs.
No more juggling calendars or blocking out
big chunks of time.

Customize with
your brand

Create a unique skin based on logos and branding.
In addition to the external wrap, you can also customize the welcome screen and digital photos. Even more, you can create custom surveys to get instant feedback from your employees.

Get Your Headshots

  • Email It to Yourself: Right after your shoot, send the headshot directly to your inbox. It’s fast, so you can start using your new photo immediately.
  • Instant Online Gallery: Your headshot also goes live in an online gallery instantly. You can view and download any headshot taken—yours or your team’s—all from one place, right after they’re taken.
  • Download your headshot with just a click. Then, it’s all yours to use across various platforms: Email Signatures Profile, PicturesMicrosoft Teams & Communication Tools, Everywhere Else Online

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Frequently Asked Questions


Prices may vary depending on the rental timeframe. For a customized quote tailored, including duration, the number of units needed, additional features, and shipping, please fill out the form.

You can choose a rental period that suits your needs, depending on your office and team needs, whether it’s for one day, weeks, or months.

Our Selfie Station dimensions are 64.5″ x 13″ x 3.5″, with a footprint of 2×2 feet. It requires access to a standard 110V power outlet.

To set up the selfie station in your office, it will require as little as a 2×2 ft footprint area.

The photos are captured using a combination of professional LED lighting and an iPad. Rest assured, the quality is top-notch. We ensure that each image meets the highest standards of clarity and professionalism