Selfie Look

Selfie Booth Experiences and Ideas

Gold Sequin Bakcdrop. See More
 Skin Smooth Filters Color (‘Kardashian Style’ photos). See more
B&W Skin Smooth Filters (‘Kardashian Style’ photos). See more

One shot Large 4×6 print. See More
Image of Backdrop sample #7Floral Backdrop. See more
Gif sample #1Animated GIFs. See more

Pink Backdrop. See More
Regular B&W photos (NO SKIN SMOOTH). See more
Image of Green ScreenGreen Screen. See more

Image of Backdrop sample #1White Backdrop. See More
Image of Backdrop sample #6Black Backdrop. See more
Custom Printed Backdrop. See more

Plain Overlay + Animated GIF. See More
Overlay Logo + Skin Smooth filters. See more
GIFS + Overlay. See more

Confetti + GIF + Custom Backdrop. See More
Floral Backdrop. See more
Small Red Sequin Backdrop. See more

Christmas party + Gold Sequin Backdrop. See More
Unicorn party + Opal Sequin backdrop. See more
GIF + Green Screen + Custom props. See more

GIF + Green Screen. See More
Custom backdrop. See more
James Bond backdrop. See more

White/Silver Mermaid Sequin backdrop. See More
Custom backdrop. See more
Pink backdrop. See more