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Selfie Booth is a modern photo booth with cutting-edge technology. Your guests will love sharing awesome pictures as well as being able to print them as a keepsake. Free delivery in Houston!

It is perfect for all kinds of parties and events. Corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations.

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Party Photo Booth Rental in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, considered as the largest state in the US, has some of the best destination-worthy venues for parties. From the walkable downtown to the city’s many rooftop bars and outdoor beer gardens, Philly is among the best places to keep the party going through the night. Well, your high energy party would not be complete without taking memorable photos. That is why we are offering our party photo booth rental Philadelphia, to ensure your friends have a night to remember.

From Black History Month celebrations, art exhibits to fashion week parties, Philadelphia is always buzzing throughout the year. That’s why you need to be unique in setting up your upcoming party if you need it to stick in your friends’ memories for years to come.

Don’t Miss out on These Cool Features

Selfie Booth’s party photo booth rental Philadelphia has a simple and modern design, which makes them ideal for any venue. If you have a limited space no need to worry. Our photo booths alone require a small area measuring just 2 by 1 feet. The whole setup, which involves the booth and a backdrop, will need a maximum space of 8 by 8 feet.

Moreover, the photo booths have multiple backdrops –from plain to green screen backdrops. This allows you to customize the photo booth to suit your party best. We offer black and white backdrops for free.

Do you want to personalize your wedding or company party? The party photo booth rental Philadelphia allows you to brand the booth prints with your logo. This is ideal for product launches or new businesses. Guests who take photos in the booths will get logo branded prints, which can help spread your business reach.

We know that party planning is stressful. However, booking our photo booth rental Philadelphia helps you tick the need for high-quality cameras and high-output printer off your list- thanks to our professional Canon cameras. In addition, we provide you with an unlimited number of prints with various designs to ensure they suit your party.

The unlimited prints also allow your guests to pose as many times as they want and print out extras, which they can keep for themselves while the rest goes into your custom guest book- in the case of weddings. Even better, these professional-level portraits are printed right from the rental booth.

In addition, our photo booth rentals Philadelphia allow your guests to share their photos on social media easily. The Selfie Booths also lets them email or text message pictures to their phones directly.

Why Our Photo Booth Rentals in Philadelphia Stand out

Photo filters and gifs are more popular than ever. This is why we’ve included them in our photo booth rental Philadelphia services. Your guests will be spoilt for choice- from basic filters such as sepia and black & white to Instagram inspired vintage filters, which make your skin smooth. Moreover, they can choose to upload animated gifs or still images while they pose in front of their background of choice.

You also don’t need to worry about the delivery and set up of our photo booth rental Philadelphia. We offer free delivery and set everything up in less than 30 minutes. Besides, we provide an on-site attendant who helps your guests with the booth’s touchscreen programs.

Are you planning a party this coming weekend? Don’t pass up the chance to make it memorable with our clean and modern look photo booth rentals in Philadelphia. Contact Selfie Booth today and we will help your wedding or birthday party stand out.