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Selfie Booth is a modern photo booth with cutting-edge technology. Your guests will love sharing awesome pictures as well as being able to print them as a keepsake. Free delivery in Houston!

It is perfect for all kinds of parties and events. Corporate events, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations.


All our Packages are customizable

Hire a Photo Booth for Your Event

Finding the right photographer for an event can be a challenge. You have to make sure the photographer has experience of capturing images on similar events in the past. For instance, you have to hire a specialist wedding photographer for your big day. Conversely, for a business event, you need to find a photographer with experiencing of photographing comparable events.

Well, regardless of whether you are planning a wedding or a business event, you can ditch the idea of a photographer entirely and instead opt for photo booth rental. Galveston, TX residents can benefit significantly by renting a selfie booth. Allow your guests to capture fun images and take back memories of your event.

Do you know why people smile when they click a selfie? Well, selfies are fun. And now, people even opt for group selfies. Regardless, don’t assume that your guests will take their surroundings into consideration. With selfie booth rental in Galveston, TX, you can let your visitors go crazy!

Take Your Branding to the Next Level

A selfie booth can amp up your branding game. You might not realize this but when you rent a photo booth in Galveston for your business event, you can enhance your branding. You can rest assured that visitors to your kiosk or booth at a trade show or conference will definitely click images. Simply rent a selfie booth or photo booth, and let your visitors do the rest.

And whenever someone clicks a pic in your booth, your branding will appear prominently in the images. Convert people into ambassadors for your brand, by sharing the pictures on their social media profiles. Expose your brand to their network and you can attract new followers.

For any type of business event, you can opt for selfie booth rental in Galveston, TX. Make sure people don’t find your event boring. You can enhance the excitement and fun by setting up a selfie booth.

Selfie Booth Rental Makes Your Wedding Unforgettable

With photo booth rental in Galveston, TX, you can try something unique. Why hire a photographer to direct your guests? Let your guests take the initiative and click pictures any way they want. In the privacy and comfort of a photo booth, your guests can overcome their inhibitions and capture their most candid moments. Or, they might simply choose to pout, perhaps even pull the Blue Steel look.

The great thing about our photo booths is that they are easy to use. Even a guest unfamiliar with modern tech can operate the booth and capture images. And we can even take things a step forward, with a touchscreen if you want!

We Are Your Photo Booth Rental Experts

Regardless of whether you are planning a business event or a wedding, we can provide the most suitable selfie booth. We are experts at photo booth rental in Galveston, TX, offering you a chance to offer guests a souvenir without having to break the bank. Check out our photo booths today!