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SelfieBooth brings the party to Riverside county, Temecula, and San Bernardino! Personalize your event with a unique theme from our many options, ensuring an unforgettable night. We’ve rocked everything from diva nights to professional events. Now with our photo booth rentals in San Bernardino and Temecula, you won’t have to look far for hassle-free party planning. Our quote includes delivery, setup, breakdown – no surprise fees.

Discover why we are the first choice for photo booth rentals in Riverside.

What People Say

Taylor Risch
star reviews
Selfie Booth was very timely, organized, and exactly everything we wanted!!! Nona was always so quick to respond and ensured everything we needed was in order. I definitely recommend booking with them for your next event!! Our wedding was a blast!
Yosepha Greenfield
star reviews
Highly recommend. We hired Selfie Booth Co for our wedding. They were professional and easy to work with from beginning to end — quick responses, thorough communication, on time, etc. The booth itself was a HUGE hit at the wedding. Our guests had so much fun taking pictures and they came out super cute (not to mention the filter made everyone look pretty). Definitely an awesome addition to our wedding and well worth it!
Nicole Richards
star reviews
We booked a selfie booth through Selfie Booth Co. for our wedding and it was amazing! Our attendant was professional and the props were amazing. We upgraded to a sequined gold back drop and it was just perfect. My one regret of the night was not taking more pictures in the selfie booth! I've heard feedback from a lot of people on how cool it was and how they haven't seen a selfie booth like that before. Great company, highly recommend!
Theresa T.
star reviews
Such a great addition to our wedding that our guests raved about! We looked through several options and chose SelfieBooth because of their promptness when it came to communication and the various options they offered when it came to their props, backgrounds, etc. An absolute yes when it come to any of your events if you want a fun addition to your event!
Christina M
star reviews
This was an amazing photo booth that we hired for our wedding afterparty. It’s completely open so you have lots more space to move around and get creative compared to regular photo booths. The props it came with were amazing and made for some very entertaining photos. And we were really impressed with the quality of the photos that we printed out from the booth. The selfie booth looks great too – very sleek and modern looking. It really brightened up the room.

Hassle-free Photo Booth Services

Let us handle the details while you enjoy your Riverside event. From the initial setup to the final breakdown, our services are designed to be completely stress-free, allowing you to focus solely on your guests and making the event unforgettable.

We arrive an hour early for setup, ensuring your entertainment is ready on time. Contact our experienced team to explore options for making your party or event the talk of the town! Get a budget quote and discover our wide range of customizable features to create an unforgettable experience. We always do an amazing job setting and taking down.

Original Booth Image Original Booth
Glam Booth Image Glam Booth
Pro Digital Booth Image Pro Digital Booth
Selfie Station Image Selfie Station
Headshot Booth Image Headshot Booth
360 Booth
Original Booth Image 2 Original Booth
Glam Booth Image 2 Glam Booth
Pro Digital Booth Image Pro Digital Booth
Selfie Station Image 2 Selfie Station
Headshot Booth Image 2 Headshots Booth
360 Booth

Explore Riverside’s Premier Photo Booth Rentals

Dive into our wide array of photo booth options, each tailored to fit any event theme and budget within Riverside.
Take a look at our versatile photo booth packages for Riverside events:

Original Selfie Booth Image 1
Original Selfie Booth Image 2
Original Selfie Booth Image 3
Original Selfie Booth Image 4
Original Selfie Booth Image 5

Original Selfie Booth

Starting with the Open Air Booth — our classic,
go-to option for making unforgettable memories.
Super versatile, it fits in perfectly with any event's

  • Unlimited Prints
  • Photos Studio-Quality
  • Instant Digital Sharing
  • Backdrop and Props
  • Attendant On-site
  • 8' x 8' area required for setup

Great For: Weddings, Any Party or Event.

Glam Selfie Booth

This hot booth is the go-to choice for 'Kardashian-style'
photos. It offers all the features of our Print Selfie Booth,
plus a custom 'beauty filter' that makes everyone look

  • Glam Look (B&W or Color)
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Photos Studio-Quality
  • Instant Digital Sharing
  • Booth Attendant
  • 8' x 8' area required for setup

Great For: Weddings, Galas, Corporate Events, Birthdays.

Glam Selfie Booth Image 1
Glam Selfie Booth Image 2
Glam Selfie Booth Image 3
Glam Selfie Booth Image 4
Glam Selfie Booth Image 5
Pro Digital Booth Image 1
Pro Digital Booth Image 2
Pro Digital Booth Image 3
Pro Digital Booth Image 4

Pro Digital Booth

This Pro Booth offers studio-quality digital photos, perfect
for quality-focused gatherings.

  • Studio-Quality Photos
  • Instant Digital Sharing
  • Backdrop and Props
  • Attendant On-site
  • Digital photos Only
  • 8' x 8' area required for setup

Great For: Weddings, Any Party or Event.

Digital Selfie Station

Digital Selfie Station is perfect for crafting cool,
sharable content on the spot. Gifs, boomerangs,
and all things digital.

  • Fully Brandable
  • Сompact Design
  • Text and Email sharing
  • Data Collection and Analytics
  • Self-operated
  • 4' x 4' area required for setup

Great For: Brand Activations, Expos, Tours, Conferences, Corporate events, Multi-location events, Company Headshots

Digital Selfie Station Image 1
Digital Selfie Station Image 2
Digital Selfie Station Image 3
Digital Selfie Station Image 4
Digital Selfie Station Image 5
Headshots Booth Image 1
Headshots Booth Image 2
Headshots Booth Image 3
Headshots Booth Image 4
Headshots Booth Image 5
Headshots Booth Image 6

Corporate Headshots

This selfie station is perfect for quick, quality, print-free portraits, ideal for updating company profiles or LinkedIn photos.

  • Headshots
  • Ai Background Removal
  • Self-operated
  • Delivery Nationwide
  • 4' x 4' area required for setup

Great For: Corporate Events, Company Headshots.

360 Selfie Booth

Our 360 photo booth creates a dynamic, all-around
snapshot or video, ensuring no smile, laugh, or candid
moment goes uncaptured.

  • 360 Videos
  • Slow-mo Effect
  • Instant Digital Sharing
  • Branded experience
  • Booth Attendant
  • 10' x 10' area required for setup

Great For: Corporate Events, Weddings, Any Event

360 Selfie Booth Image 1
360 Selfie Booth Image 3
360 Selfie Booth Image 4

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A Photo Booth for Every
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Our photo booth rental add a magical touch to your Riverside, CA wedding reception. Add a photo booth to your wedding day, offering customized backdrops and prints that reflect the couple’s style and the venue’s charm for your special day. Learn More

Enhance the excitement of your parties with our photo booths. They’re the perfect addition to a birthday party, anniversaries, and social gatherings, creating joyful memories and encouraging guest interaction with fun props. Learn More

Elevate your corporate events with our specialized booths that offer not only entertainment but also professional branding opportunities and headshots. Learn More

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Frequently Asked Questions


In Riverside, we offer various photo booth options including the Starter Package, Glam Booth, and 360 Video Booth. Each type provides unique features like customizable backdrops, instant social media sharing, and props tailored to any event theme, ensuring a perfect fit for your occasion​.

Yes, you can personalize your photo booth setup with custom backdrops, themed props, and even add your event’s logo or specific designs to the photo prints. This customization helps make your event truly a great hit and memorable for all guests​.

No, there are no additional fees for delivery, setup, or breakdown. These services are included in the package price, ensuring no extra costs for your event in LA.

It’s best to book your photo booth as soon as you have your event details finalized, especially during peak seasons. We recommend booking at least a few months in advance to ensure availability for your desired date and time​.

For corporate events in Riverside, we offer features like data collection and analytics capabilities, branded photo overlays, and digital selfie stations that can be fully branded to enhance your company’s presence at the event. These features are designed to engage attendees while providing valuable marketing insights​.

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