Thinking about capturing memories up your next LA event? Check out 360-Degree Photobooths.

We’re diving into what these photobooths are all about, how they tick, and why they might just be what your event needs. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate bash, or anything in between, we’ll cover which events are a perfect match.

We’ll also guide you on how to get your hands on a 360-degree photobooth in Los Angeles, including the options out there. Get ready to take your event to the next level with these awesome booths!

How Do 360-Degree Photobooths Work?

Booking a photobooth in LA are all about taking your event’s photo game to a whole new level. Forget the usual photo booth where you squeeze into a tight space – these booths let you capture everything around you in a cool, panoramic shot.

360-Degree Photobooths take things up a notch with some seriously cool tech, like virtual reality and special effects, to snap dynamic photos and videos that really stand out.

Thanks to virtual reality and all sorts of special effects, these booths let you dive into a full 360-degree experience. You’re not just taking a photo; you’re capturing every angle in panoramic style, making for some awesome visuals that can whisk you away to any scene you can think of. This high-tech approach boosts the fun, blending creativity with technology in a way that’s totally seamless.

It’s this mix of interactivity and cutting-edge features that makes 360-degree photobooths a hit for any event, party, or promotional activity. They’re not just about capturing moments; they’re about creating an experience that’s as immersive as it is memorable.

How to Rent a 360-Degree Photobooth in Los Angeles?

Getting a 360-Degree Photobooth for your LA event means looking up and comparing different places that offer them, figuring out how much you want to spend, booking it ahead of time, and making sure it fits with your venue’s setup.

  1. Kick things off by taking a look at our 360-Degree Photobooth rental. Not feeling it? No worries—ask around for some solid recommendations to find vendors who’ve got this awesome setup.
  2. Start by hitting up your shortlist of photobooth providers for quotes and packages that fit what you’re looking for, theme-wise and needs-wise. 
  3. When you’re setting your budget, don’t forget to think about any extras or special touches you might want to add on.
  4. Make sure to book your photobooth way ahead of time, especially if you’re planning your event during a busy season. You don’t want to miss out because you waited too long.
  5. Lastly, chat with your venue to make sure they’re cool with the photobooth setup and that there won’t be any surprises on the day of. This way, you’re all set for a smooth event and some great memories for your guests.

Why You Should Consider a 360-Degree Photobooth for Your Next Event

Using a 360-Degree Photobooth is a smart move for event planners looking to kick their marketing up a notch. These booths aren’t just a hit because they’re fun; they’re also a secret weapon for getting your event noticed on social media.

They give attendees something cool and interactive to do, while also creating a bunch of share-worthy content. When people post their awesome 360-degree shots online, it’s like free advertising, making more people aware of your event and what you’re all about.

Plus, those photos and videos are more than just digital memories; they’re a way to keep your event and brand in people’s minds long after the party’s over. It’s a clever way to spread the word and build some solid brand love.

Weigh out the pros and cons of 360 photobooths, but you’ll see they are clear winners.

What Kinds of Events are Perfect for a 360-Degree Photobooth?

360-Degree Photobooths are a hit for all kinds of events, whether it’s a business gathering, a wedding, a birthday bash, or any special celebration. They’re becoming super popular in LA because they’re so flexible and add a ton of fun to any occasion.

These booths fit right in anywhere, from the more formal vibes of corporate events—giving everyone a chance to kick back and enjoy—to the festive atmosphere of weddings and parties, where guests can snag some unforgettable photos. They’re all about getting people to relax, have a blast, and show off their creative side, leaving you with awesome pics that really capture the mood and moments of your event.

Planning a party in Los Angeles and looking for a way to dial up the fun and leave your guests buzzing? Adding a photobooth might just be the magic touch you need! Photobooths have evolved way beyond a simple camera setup—they’re now a hotspot of creativity, fun, and unforgettable memories.

What Are the Top Photobooth Trends in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is always on the cutting edge, especially when it comes to party trends, and renting photobooths for events are no exception. This city is a hotspot for the latest in photobooth innovation, mixing top-notch tech with creative flair to make any event unforgettable.

Adding Social Media Integration

Bringing social media into the mix with photobooths makes sharing those fun moments at events a total breeze. Imagine hitting up a photobooth, snapping some hilarious or glam shots, and then—boom—those pics are ready to hit your social feeds with just a tap. It’s all about getting those snaps out there fast and fuss-free.

These photobooths are kitted out with sharing stations so you can post your pics in no time. It’s super handy and means everyone at the event can show off their fun times without skipping a beat. Plus, when those photos start popping up online, your event gets a mega boost across social media, spreading those good vibes far and wide.

What’s really cool is how this whole setup gets everyone more pumped to join in and share. It’s like the party keeps going online, building up that awesome community vibe as everyone shares and comments on each other’s photos. It’s all about keeping those good times rolling and feeling connected, even after the party wraps up.

Green Screens

Out of the list of photobooth ideas for your next big LA event, you have to prioriitze green screens. Green screens in photobooths are like a magic portal at your event. They use some cool tech—chroma key compositing—to swap out that green backdrop with pretty much any scene you can think of. Want to snap a pic in front of the Eiffel Tower? Or maybe chill with dinosaurs? With a green screen, you’re there!

This trick turns your photobooth into an adventure machine, letting guests dive into different worlds, iconic spots, or even custom scenes tailored to your event’s theme. It’s a fantastic way to jazz up any gathering, from casual parties to fancy corporate shindigs, making every photo op an engaging and unforgettable experience.

Customized Props and Backdrops

Custom props and backdrops are the secret sauce that can take your event’s photobooth from fun to unforgettable. They’re not just accessories; they’re your ticket to injecting personality and a unique vibe into every snapshot taken. Picture your guests striking a pose with everything from oversized sunglasses to speech bubbles that say something hilarious. It’s these fun touches that can get everyone from your shy cousin to your too-cool-for-school friend laughing and joining in.

And let’s talk about those backdrops. They’re like the canvas to your guests’ creativity, setting the scene for some truly Insta-worthy photos. Whether you’re going for a vibe that’s classy, with elegant floral patterns, or something more out-there with vibrant, funky designs, the right backdrop can transform your photobooth into a mini photo studio that matches the mood of your event perfectly.

In short, these personalized touches are what make the photobooth not just a part of your event, but a highlight, giving everyone a chance to let their hair down and create memories they’ll love to look back on.

Instant Printing and Sharing

Instant printing and sharing in photobooths are game-changers for any event. Imagine snapping a pic and having it in your hand or on your Instagram feed in seconds. That’s exactly what you get with these modern photobooth features. It’s all about making things easy and fun for everyone, letting guests walk away with a cool memento or instantly bragging about their night online.

These user-friendly photobooth apps are a big part of the magic. They make sharing a breeze, whether you want to blast your photos on social media or shoot them over in an email to grandma who couldn’t make it. And for those who love the feel of a photo in their hands? Instant printing has got you covered.

This mix of old-school charm and new-tech savvy means everyone gets the best of both worlds. Event planners looking to rent, take note: by adding these snazzy features to your photobooths, you’re not just giving guests a fun distraction. You’re creating a seamless, memorable experience that they’ll be talking about long after the lights come on and the party’s over.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) in photobooths? Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds. This tech brings a whole new layer of fun and interactivity to any event, making the photobooth experience something straight out of the future. Imagine popping on a virtual pirate hat, standing in front of the great Wall, or even getting photobombed by a digital dinosaur—all without leaving the party.

These AR features aren’t just about snapping a photo; they’re about stepping into a whole new world. Virtual props, animated backgrounds, and crazy filters add a dash of magic and heaps of laughter to the mix. Guests can play around with these effects in real time, crafting photos and videos that are way too good not to share.

The beauty of AR is that it turns every photo op into an adventure. It’s not just about documenting the event; it’s about creating something unique and entertaining that amplifies the fun. Adding augmented reality to your event’s photobooth is a surefire way to boost the cool factor and leave your guests with some unforgettable memories.

GIFs and Boomerangs

GIFs and Boomerangs are totally changing the game at events, making photobooths a whole lot more fun. They’re like the cool, dynamic cousins of traditional photos, bringing movement and life to your memories. When guests jump in front of the camera, they can goof around and capture all that energy in a looping GIF or a quick Boomerang clip.

It’s not just about posing anymore; it’s about creating something cool and quirky that you can’t wait to share. And speaking of sharing, being able to zap these creations straight to social media is a massive plus. It means the fun of your event can splash out way beyond the walls of your venue, getting everyone buzzing online.

The best part? GIFs and Boomerangs pack a big punch of creativity and spontaneity, making any event feel just that bit more special and lively.

In LA, where the party never stops, choosing the right photobooth for your event is more than just another task on your list—it’s the secret to turning a good party into an unforgettable one. This guide is all about making that choice simple and stress-free. Whether you’re planning a cozy get-together or the bash of the year, we’ll help you find a photobooth that’s just the right vibe for your event and your guests, without all the fuss.

Note: If you are looking to capture memories and boost the fun of your party, try a SelfieBooth rental. We provide you with everything you need and a dedicated rep to make sure the process is smooth. View our packages here.

Find Your Perfect LA Photobooth Style

From the intimate charm of enclosed booths to the interactive fun of mirror and GIF booths, each photo booth type offers a unique way to capture memories. Whether you’re leaning towards the classic appeal of traditional setups or the dynamic vibe of open-air and 360 photo booths, there’s a perfect match for every event theme and guest list. Let’s dive into the photobooths available to rent in Los Angeles, where there’s always a style that fits your vision perfectly.

Enclosed Booths

Enclosed booths offer a nod to the classic photobooth experience, blending privacy with the timeless charm of stepping into a secluded space to capture moments. Ideal for guests seeking a more intimate setting to let loose, these booths create an environment where privacy enhances the creativity and spontaneity of each photo. With their traditional appeal, enclosed booths are a hit for events aiming for a blend of classic vibes and personal touch, making every snapshot a private memento of the fun and festivities.

Open-Air Booths 

Open-air booth rentals are the go-to for modern events, offering flexibility to accommodate larger groups and capture wider shots. This setup encourages interaction and fun, making it perfect for social gatherings where guests can gather around and take part in the photo-taking process. The lack of physical boundaries invites a bustling, communal vibe, ensuring everyone gets in on the action. Ideal for outdoor venues or spacious indoor settings, open-air booths add a lively, inclusive atmosphere to any Los Angeles event, making every group photo a memorable piece of the celebration.

Mirror Booths

Mirror booths take the photobooth experience to a new level with their interactive touchscreens, blending the traditional photo-taking fun with a dash of high-tech flair. Guests are drawn to the sleek design and the intuitive interface, which allows them to engage directly with their reflection, choose filters, and even sign their photos. This modern twist on photo-taking is perfect for events looking to add an element of sophistication and engagement, ensuring that every snapshot is as entertaining to create as it is to keep.

GIF and 360 Photo Booths

GIF and 360 photo booths are at the forefront of modern event entertainment, offering guests a dynamic way to capture moments that are perfect for sharing on social media. GIF booths create fun, animated photos that bring laughter and liveliness to any event, while 360 booths provide an immersive experience, capturing every angle in stunning detail. These options cater to the digital age, ensuring guests leave with shareable, interactive memories that stand out in any social media feed, making them ideal for events aiming for that viral touch

Maximize Your Event’s Buzz: Choosing the Right Photobooth

When selecting a photobooth rental in Los Angeles, consider the event’s theme, venue size, and guest preferences to ensure a perfect fit. The choice between enclosed, open-air, mirror, GIF, and 360 booths affects the atmosphere and interaction. Additionally, assess the booth’s technology for social media integration and photo quality. Understanding these factors guarantees a photobooth experience that not only aligns with your event’s vibe but also leaves guests with unforgettable memories.

Nail the Theme: Matching the Booth to Your Event’s Style

Selecting a photobooth that aligns with your event’s theme is crucial for a cohesive experience. Whether you’re hosting a vintage-inspired wedding or a sleek corporate event, there’s a booth style to match. An open-air booth with customizable backdrops can seamlessly integrate into any theme, enhancing the event’s aesthetic and providing a focal point for entertainment.

Space Savvy: Fitting the Booth into Your Venue

Understanding your venue’s layout is essential for photobooth placement. A compact, enclosed booth might be perfect for smaller venues or tucked-away spots, ensuring it adds to the ambiance without crowding the space. For larger venues, consider a more expansive setup like an open-air booth that can accommodate bigger groups and become part of the event’s main attractions.

Know Your Crowd: Tailoring the Booth to Your Guests

Anticipating your guests’ preferences ensures the photobooth is a hit. For a wedding rental, a classic booth with a guest book could offer a sentimental touch, while a corporate event might benefit from a GIF or 360 booth to encourage playful networking. Understanding your audience’s demographics and interests can guide you to the perfect photobooth choice.

Read more about are 3 ways to throw a successful event.

Tech Talk: Ensuring Quality and Social Sharing Capabilities

A photobooth should do more than take pictures; it should offer high-quality prints and digital features. Look for booths equipped with the latest technology, offering instant social media sharing to extend the fun online. Ensuring the booth provides high-resolution images and a variety of digital sharing options will satisfy guests and help memorialize your event across social platforms.

Smart Budgeting for Your LA Photobooth Rental

Determining your budget and understanding rental durations are critical steps in choosing a photobooth for your LA event. Prices can vary widely based on the type of booth, duration of rental, and included features. It’s important to compare options and understand what’s included in each package to find the best value. Look for deals that offer the most bang for your buck without compromising on the quality and experience you want for your guests. This savvy approach ensures your event shines without breaking the bank.

Breaking Down the Costs

When planning for a photobooth rental, understanding the breakdown of costs is essential. Prices can vary, typically ranging from $300 to $1200, depending on factors like the type of booth, rental duration, and included features such as custom backdrops or props. It’s also important to consider any additional fees for extended hours, travel, or special requests. By carefully evaluating what each package offers, you can ensure you’re getting the best value for your budget and making an informed decision that aligns with your event’s needs and expectations.

Deciphering Photobooth Pricing Structures

Photobooth rentals reveals a variety of pricing structures designed to meet diverse event needs. These structures often differentiate between the duration of the rental, the type of booth, and any add-on features, such as props, custom backdrops, or digital sharing options. 

Understanding these structures is key to budgeting effectively, allowing you to select a package that not only fits your financial parameters but also maximizes the fun and engagement at your event.

  • Hourly Rates: Common for many rentals, with minimum booking times and rates decreasing for longer rentals.
  • Package Deals: Bundles that might include unlimited prints, props, digital copies, and an online gallery, often offering savings compared to a la carte services.
  • Custom Add-Ons: Extra fees for additional services like custom backdrops, additional hours, or special photo effects.

Selecting the Right Vendor

Picking the right photobooth guy for your party? Start by scouting for ones who’ve got a bunch of thumbs-ups online and can show they’ve rocked events like yours. Compare what you get for your cash, and see who gives you the most bang for your buck. Go for someone easy to talk to, who gets what you want and can roll with the punches. Make sure all the details are squared away in a contract, so there are no surprises when it’s go-time.

Starting Your Vendor Search: Get Digging!

Kick off your hunt by hitting up online directories and local event planning groups in LA. Scope out social media for real pics from past events and read up on what folks are saying in reviews. And don’t sleep on word-of-mouth recommendations from pals or party pros—they could lead you to the perfect photobooth match.

What’s Included? Let’s Break It Down.

Don’t just eyeball the sticker price—dive deep into what each package brings to the table. Some might hook you up with endless prints, while others might focus more on digital goodies. Don’t forget to ask about any extra fees for travel outside their usual stomping grounds, and make sure they’ve got backup plans in case of tech hiccups.

Vetting Your Vendor: Quality Check Time!

It’s not just about pretty pictures; it’s about top-notch service too. Make sure your potential photobooth pro has a solid rep for showing up on time, keeping it pro, and rolling with the punches if things go sideways. Ask for proof in the form of references or stories from similar gigs they’ve nailed.

Tailoring the Experience: Your Party, Your Way.

Want to go wild with different props or themed backgrounds? Make sure your photobooth peeps are down to get creative and bring your vision to life. Flexibility is key, so pick someone who’s cool with bending their setup to match your vibe.

Contracts and Communication: Seal the Deal Right.

Before you commit, nail down all the nitty-gritty in a rock-solid contract. Spell out exactly what’s included, what it’ll cost, and what happens if things don’t go according to plan. Keep the convo flowing leading up to the big day to dodge any unexpected curveballs and keep the party train on track.

Enhancing the Guest Experience: Amping Up the Fun

At any event, the photobooth often becomes the heart of the party, drawing guests in with its promise of playful memories. By strategically integrating the photobooth into the event space and ensuring it’s easily accessible, you can encourage guests to interact and engage with this exciting feature throughout the celebration.

Making the Photobooth a Focal Point: Let’s Get Creative

Transforming the photobooth into a focal point of your event involves more than just setting it up in a corner. Consider unique ways to draw attention to the booth, such as adding eye-catching signage, decorative lighting, or thematic elements that tie into the event’s overall theme. By making the photobooth visually appealing, you’ll entice guests to join in the fun.

Adding Fun and Variety: Props and Backdrops that Pop

Props and backdrops are essential elements that can elevate the photobooth experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Stock up on an assortment of props—from silly hats and oversized glasses to themed accessories—to encourage guests to let loose and express themselves. Additionally, choose backdrops that complement the event’s aesthetic, whether it’s a glamorous sequin backdrop for a formal affair or a whimsical floral backdrop for a garden party.

Personalizing Memories: Making Every Photo Count

One of the most memorable aspects of a photobooth experience is the ability to personalize photos with custom overlays, frames, or branding elements. Work with your photobooth provider to create customized templates that reflect the event’s theme or include the date and event name. By adding these personal touches, guests will leave with cherished keepsakes that remind them of the special occasion.

Booking and Setup Considerations: Getting Ready to Party

To secure your desired photobooth rental, it’s essential to book well in advance, especially for popular dates and peak seasons. Aim to finalize your booking at least a few months before the event to ensure availability and avoid last-minute stress.

Before the event, communicate with your photobooth provider to discuss space and power requirements for setup. Ensure there’s ample room for the booth and any accompanying equipment, and confirm access to power outlets to prevent any technical issues on the day of the event.

Wrapping Up Your Photobooth Experience

As your event draws to a close, the memories captured in the photobooth will endure long after the last dance. From the infectious laughter to the heartfelt embraces, each photo encapsulates a moment of joy shared with loved ones. By prioritizing creativity, personalization, and attention to detail, you’ve created an unforgettable experience that will be cherished by all who attended. So as you bid farewell to your guests and pack away the props, take comfort in knowing that the magic of the photobooth will live on in the memories of those who shared in the celebration.

The ideal answer to this problem is to rent a photo booth. No matter what kind of party or event you’re hosting, you’ll find a photo booth rental economical and entertaining. Fun for all ages, the excitement of a digital photo booth at your wedding, birthday party, product launch, or convention will bring smiles to all of your attendees.

And for photo booth rentals in California, the #1 choice is Selfie Booth Co. With over 4000 successful events and more than 3000 happy clients, Selfie Booth Co has been the leading event photo booth rental business all over the country. Get in touch with us to build your perfect event package today!

How a Photo Booth Rental Fits Your Event

There are more ways to incorporate a photo booth into your event than most people realize. Let’s discuss a few that we specialize in here at Selfie Booth Co, starting with everyone’s favorite, weddings.


Most weddings have a professional photographer to take important pictures of the bride and groom. But the real fun is happening with the guests, and a photo booth rental can catch the energy of the day. Selfie Booth Co has all of the fun photo booth props and custom photo booth backdrops that everyone loves. Our open-air photo booths don’t take up much floor space, and each rental has a helpful attendant to keep the good times going.  

Your guests will enjoy taking photos with their favorite people, and you will love how we make photo booth rental Oakland affordable by offering custom packages to fit any wedding budget. 

Corporate Events

From trade shows to conventions, workshops to community events, a photo booth rental can set your business apart from the rest. Selfie Booth Co offers custom branding of the photo booth, backdrops, and photo booth prints so you can easily add your logo everywhere. With an event photo booth, your company will become a magnet for potential clients, giving you a natural and easy way to network. And if you are having a product launch, what better way to get some great free marketing than by having your attendees pose with your product? With a photo booth rental Irvine, you can make the most of every occasion in the Los Angeles Metro area.

In addition, our open-air photo booths have data capture and analytics included, so you have an efficient way of understanding your customers and how they interact online. This valuable resource will help your marketing dollars go further in the future.

Parties of Every Kind

Whether it’s an anniversary, graduation, reunion, quinceanera or special birthday, a photo booth rental is the life of the party. Age doesn’t make a difference when it comes to having a good time in front of the camera, so everyone will feel included and remember the day with a souvenir photo print.

You can customize your photo booth rental package to fit your budget and needs, including special filters and green screen backdrops. The photo booth rental from Selfie Booth Co includes easy social sharing, so your guests can immediately share their pictures with the world and show everyone the fun they’re missing. We also offer an online gallery so you can print and reprint your memories as much as you like.

Elevate Your Event with a Photo Booth Rental

The only limits on where to have a photo booth rental are your imagination. Try it for Bingo Night, a Sweet 16 party, and any location from Northern California, like Oakland, to Irvine in Southern California that needs something special. 

A Girl Using Selfiebooth

Why Have A Photo Booth At Your Event?

You may at first be wondering what the big deal is. Of course, events are expensive to set up without adding new uncertain components that will drive the budget up. But when you read the reasons listed below, you will surely be turned around.

Chiefly, one should note that everybody takes pictures at big events. Sometimes, we can even hire professional photographers to capture the glory of the day, especially caught at amazing California beaches. However, our own pictures are not necessarily of the highest quality and will get lost in the ether of our phones’ photo backlog. With photo booths, you get quality photos, both for groups and individual snaps. In addition, their options are incredible. Take photo booth San Francisco offer variables, for example. In essence, if you’re going to take pictures anyway, why not make a thing out of it?

That said, here are 5 key reasons why photo booths are a great addition to your event, whether formal or informal.

  1. You Make and Retain Fun Memories! 😀

A glance lasts as long as the glance lasts. What about a stream of photos ranging from reverently serious to hilariously silly? That’s something to look back on. So often, the photos taken in this environment are forgotten about until they mysteriously surface. At this point, memories we didn’t realize we had, spark up again, and we reminisce on the day!

  1. It Creates an Activity 🧑‍🎤

Whatever your function is, a photo booth rental brings a memorable feature that your friends and family will line up in groups for their turn. In addition, the process creates a buzz and gives you plenty of potential for an interesting scrapbook. 

  1. It’s Cheap and Convenient 

The budgeting options for photo booths are broad. For example, if you look at the starting package of photo booth rental Los Angeles, California, you will find it at a reasonable $725 price. This can be a drop in the bucket for a big event like a wedding and adds plenty of allure to the scene. Moreover, it can be delivered right to you with minimal hassle and great convenience.

  1. They Come In Versatile Shapes and Sizes

Photo Booths come in a vast range of sizes, styles and budgets. Do some research, and you will likely find what you are looking for. Perhaps you are on the search for a professional photographer with a jungle backdrop and great lighting. Otherwise, you can grab a selfie booth, which is a little more casual. And don’t forget the numerous fun backdrops you can get your hands on. Or, rather, get your face in front of it!

  1. You Get Results

Many of these selfie booths are designed so that the images taken can be sent straight to iPhones, Androids and Tablets straight away. No more taking the picture and waiting an eternity to get it developed. Instead, photo booths are designed in a way that almost acts as a game within the event. However, that’s not all. You can also get physical prints. So, if you snap a particularly poignant or funny memory, you can get it framed. Yay!The Verdict
Overall, hiring a photo booth is a great way to spice the party up, create digital/virtual copies of your memories, or both! If you are still wondering where to get one, make sure you check out the delivery options available to you. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a Long Beach photo booth rental or any other beautiful location in California. It can be provided.

Perhaps you have a friend or colleague looking to celebrate and party hard soon, so why not recommend this idea to them in the form of a social media post or word of mouth recommendation?

Selfie Station

Of course, the earliest photo booths were very simple, with floodlights, black and white photo strips, and close to an 8-minute development time. Times have changed, and the services can be offered by photo booths. The magic remains, though. Even with cameras in our phones, they can’t replace the thrill you and your party guests feel as the timer counts down, the rush to decide what pose to make, and the anticipation of waiting for the photos to print.

Selfie Booth Co is a natural step in the evolution of self-photography, using the newest technologies to satisfy one of the oldest human instincts to preserve a moment (preferably a happy one!). So many options are perfect for a night of fun, whether it’s a celebratory party or a professional event, which will have your guests saying, “Remember that night?!” for years.

Rent A Photo Booth

Selfie Booth Co provides high-quality rent a photo booth service to elevate your party or event. It offers multiple packages with dozens of customizable options to make your party unique. Selfie Booth Co utilizes the newest trends, offering not only traditional props but digital props and options tailored to social media, such as GIFs and boomerangs.

These photo booth rentals can be used to create the party’s theme from the get-go. Place one at the entrance for people to get into the spirit of the party or use it as a focal point of entertainment. Plus, online galleries and text/email options send pictures out as personalized thank-you gifts.

Photo Booth Rentals In The Bay Area

Photo booth rentals are a great way to stand out if you seek photo booth rental Bay Area options. Being the center of the tech world means dozens of launch parties and networking events are happening all over the city each month. So how do you get your event/party to stand out? Renting from Selfie Booth Co will let your guests unleash their silly side and create a unique memory.

They also offer data collection as part of our services. Want to know if your product is generating the buzz you need? They can collect emails and phone numbers, track sessions and impressions, or utilize social media to launch and expand your company.

Long Beach Photo Booth Rentals

The Long Beach area is for the dreamers. It’s glamorous and teeming with potential every night. Everybody is competing to rise from the crowd and declare, “I’m here.”  Long Beach photo booth rental is a great way for people to remember you or your brand with the packages specifically with this in mind. They can place your brand on the backdrop, prints, and even the booth. Or create GIFs with your brand on them to send out to guests in real time so they can share them on social media.

Want to celebrate your inner Hollywood diva? Check out the Kardashian package and channel what has made them the social media tycoons of the 21st century. Or you can go the opposite route and customize your backdrop and props for an Old Hollywood feel, celebrating the excitement and glamour of the Roaring 20s. There are dozens of options available to make you and your brand stand out from the crowd and forever link you with that party, so choose wisely and let Selfie Booth Co curate your night!

Photo booths have been around for almost a century and still generate the buzz and excitement that can make a night great. Selfie Booth Co has combined that potential with the newest technology and the most customization available to place itself at the forefront of photo booth rental options.  Check out the website or social media posts to get a quote, browse the options, and read testimonies from partygoers on how they can rock a night.

2 Girl Taking Picture From Selfie Booth

When you are planning any of these events, and you want your guests to be able to take pictures at their own leisure, you can use photo booths. Photo booths can let them make unforgettable memories and always look back on your event in a positive light.

Rental companies will allow you to rent a selfie booth so that you can entertain your party. However, you may not know the best strategies or tips when choosing one because of numerous companies presenting themselves as the best company. Here are some tips that can help you decide on a company when you are on the hunt.


Quality is amongst the most important factors that determine what photo booth rental company to choose in your hunt. The quality of a photo shoot depends on many factors, which include but are not limited to the following: lighting and prints, backdrops, and the types of photo booths that a company offers.

Lighting and prints

Both you and your guests will want the best pictures to be taken, and lighting can determine the contrast and brightness in the photos. Poor lighting conditions can result in high or low exposure, meaning the photo can process but come out too bright or dark. However, photo booth rental companies with a strong reputation account for lighting conditions with modifiers that enhance images and distribute light evenly.

High-quality prints will be based on the lighting conditions in that a user can look at their photos on a screen and expect them to print out the same way. The photo printer is accurate in its colors, light, and brightness for reputable photo booth rental companies.


The material of a backdrop can affect the glare in a photo and may visibly show its wrinkles depending on the type of fabric. Some backdrop bases pose a tripping hazard because they have legs that project into the booth, but others are flat and likely to prevent photo booth users from tripping and potentially being injured.

Photo booth types

Some photo booths are boxy and compact, and prints do not come out with the best quality because the best lighting is not present. Booths of this type have walls, and shadows are apparent in the final prints. Other photo booths are open and do not have walls. They have a control center that holds the necessary photography equipment, and they allow for exceptional light distribution because of more space for its light sources and guests.

Customizations and Features

If you want to maximize your guests’ entertainment, you will want them to be able to customize their photos. They can achieve this through green screens, special effects, and the ability to share their photos on social media. Sometimes, you will also want props for your guests to pose for and increase their entertainment.


As with anything, a budget helps determine what you can afford, and rental companies do not stray from this idea. Have an allocated amount of money set aside for a rental company, and then decide what features you would like for your photo booth rental. Oftentimes, companies offer different packages for varying prices, and the more expensive packages will provide better quality photos.

Hunt and Find a Commendable Photo Booth Rental

With all these considerations to keep in mind for your hunt for a photo booth rental company, you can be more strategic in capturing the finest moments and delivering a delightful experience to your guests. If you want high-quality photo booth services with exceptional customizations and features for an affordable cost, consult with Selfie Booth Co., and our team will be more than willing to assist you in making your event memorable.

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Four Girls Taking Picture from Selfie Booth

When it comes to photo booths, how you behave whilst in the photo booth and what kinds of special features you use can contribute to the quality of your photos. It is easy to come across a photo booth rental for your party, and these rentals can equip you with the tools necessary to capture incredible selfies.

A photo booth provides fun for everyone capable of having photographic fun since some people may be camera-shy and uncomfortable in a photo booth. For those who do enjoy creating laughable moments in front of a camera, here are some tips for capturing incredible selfies in a photo booth.

Get the Best Lighting

Lighting is one of the essential elements of photography because it creates shadows, softness, brightness, and contrast in photos and accentuates certain aspects of a photo. For an optimal selfie, light is distributed around the photo booth. The most convenient type of photo booth is open-air because it is larger than a conventional photo booth and has more room for lighting and posing for the selfie.

Loosen Up and Strike a Pose

It is easiest to capture the best selfies when you are not tense but rather relaxed. Tension in your selfies can make them awkward, so relax your shoulders and release the stiffness in your joints. A relaxed selfie has its roots in cool, calm, and collected conduct that can make you appear more confident in the photo.

To loosen up even more, you can strike a pose to make yourself look cool and amuse yourself and your guests. Silly faces and roleplaying with you and your guests acting as different characters can lighten the mood. Alongside posing comes finding the best angle to take a selfie. The camera angle has great potential to alter the outcome of a selfie because different facial and body features vary in prominence.

Find the Best Background

Backgrounds have the power to bring out the best features in you when you take selfies in a photo booth. Some photo booths give you the option to choose from a variety of backgrounds via green screens so that you can capture a selfie from space, in front of a famous landmark, or at an exciting basketball game.

Choosing an appropriate background comes with great responsibility since backgrounds can draw too much attention away from you, knowing that you are the main focus of a selfie. On the other hand, simple backgrounds, such as solid colors, can complement your physique more easily than a complex background with distracting elements.

Use Filters and Effects

Some photo booths let you use filters in your selfies. You can add GIFs, animated props, and different lighting filters that customize your selfie and revolutionize the output. These filters can make taking selfies exciting because you can play around with them and invoke laughter from your guests.

Other filters change the look of your face by making it laughable in an entertaining way. These filters mimic face paint and auras that flow around a person. For example, one of these aura effects could be butterflies around a person’s head, which can embellish a selfie. Pick a filter and selfie that suits you.

Be Yourself

The main component of taking a selfie in a photo booth is yourself with your guard down and your entertainment up. Find the best combination of backgrounds, lighting, poses, and filters that are breathtaking and make your selfies worthwhile. For any of your events, consult with a  selfie booth rental company that tailors to your needs and gives you the best experience in taking incredible selfies. Keep in mind that there is still balance in taking remarkable selfies.

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Couple Collage Image From Selfie Booth

Selfie photo booths bring your clients, business partners, and friends together to capture the moment. They’ve come a long way from the booths inside movie theaters and arcades. Traditional booths had printed photos to take home, but sharing them wasn’t convenient. Modern photo booth rentals keep the thrill going after the pictures get snapped with shareable online galleries.

Online galleries can be shared with anyone you want. Perhaps you just want those at the event to have access. You can choose to control that. If you publish the photos to your social media, you’ll be able to track engagement and impressions. 

Everyone is smiling together in the same place, and those memories will always be there to reminisce on. 

Make Stronger Connections and Memories with a Photo Booth Rental

For businesses, a photo booth rental can bring everyone at events closer with shareable galleries. This is perfect for events and functions that need to engage an audience on social media. Instead of sending photographers around the venue, guests can step in and out of the spotlight at will.

As the event continues, everyone will be able to see new additions in real time. But there’s more! You can choose plain backdrops and custom options too. A few props can help connect the photos to a specific brand, and so can the right background.

The images have options too. Take everything to the next level with branded photos, GIFs, and boomerangs. In addition, blemish removal and skin smoothing are available with some photo booth rentals. 

A photo booth rental also has a custom-printed exterior to fit its surroundings. So whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, or party, collaborate with us to choose the perfect backdrop. We’ll give you a custom quote and talk through these kinds of options. 

The Kardashian Booth is Perfect for Weddings and Parties

Kim always gets her angles and makeup perfect, and so does the Kardashian Booth. Black and white photos give a timeless feeling to any occasion. Our Kardashian-style glam photo booth rentals are always fine-tuned and adjusted for the venue’s lighting. We want to make sure every photo is professional. Our prints are high quality and ready to go once the photos are taken.

After the DLSR camera snaps the photos, the skin smoothing software does the rest. In the end, you’ll have prints and digital copies ready for Vogue or GQ. You’ll also have the chance to insert a logo or tagline. In addition, guests can share images and gifts using text or email, as well as the online gallery. 

Branded Booths Give Corporate Events More Personality

Engaging photos need personality. Our branded photo booths utilize props and optional custom backdrops. Logos and event names can be added to prints and digital images to professionally brand the event. Take a look at our Subway Launch Party booth, where we used custom backdrops and props to snap some great event photos.

You can share photos in various ways, just like our other booths. For example, instead of guests sharing their event selfies with a small circle, you can include everyone in the same gallery. That’s another opportunity to drive engagement traffic in specific ways.

Set Up a Photo Booth at Your Next Event

Having a photo booth at a party, corporate event, or wedding shows that you went the extra mile for your guests. The opportunities don’t end there. Photo booth rentals add to trade shows, festivals, and even restaurants or hotels. In the right long-term location, social engagement for a brand can increase significantly. Set up a Selfie Station in a high-traffic area for the best results. Photo booths for short-term rentals like weddings create a stronger connection to the event. 

There are dozens of backdrops to choose from, along with photography and sharing options. To rent or buy a photo booth, speak with one of our staff members. We’ll guide you through the different types of booths and choose the best style for your event. 
Take the extra step and make your event spectacular with a branded photo booth rental. Share your experience! Contact us, and let’s talk about it on our social media.

Collage of Couple Images

If you own a selfie booth that you rent for special occasions, you provide your customers with a fun, accessible way of securing a lasting memory of your event. That booth also contains special analytical features that give you important data you need for future planning. 

In this post, we show you how you can easily find a selfie booth for your events and the variety of information it can provide you.

With Selfie Booth Co., you can rent a selfie station for one occasion or buy a booth to use at your future events to make them fun and memorable. These booths are also completely brandable to fit your personal style and message should you decide to make a little extra cash by renting it out to others.

What kind of events are suitable for a selfie booth?

Events are a place where people get together for a common cause. Suitable events for a photo booth would include the wedding of a friend or family member, a launch of a new product or brand, a music concert, a live sporting event, or a convention or gathering of like-minded people – such as ComiCon, for example.

Having a booth at your next event creates a space where people can capture memories with old friends and new ones and take home a memento of the occasion.

Why use a selfie booth?

A selfie booth is a great attraction for customers and patrons of all ages. People love to take photos of their friends and families – and most like to have their picture taken. 

What could be better than happy, smiling photographs of you with your loved ones? The selfie stations capture moments of fun. 

Photos from your selfie station can portray a positive image of your business and the event when these photos are shared online.

What types of analytics can I gather from a selfie station?

It is possible to create short customer feedback surveys directly on the screen of the selfie station booth. These surveys can obtain customer input on their experiences or feelings about clients, brands, products, or just about anything. 

This information can be used as an ethical way to create leads for your business without the need for hard-sell tactics that can give customers a negative impression of you and your company.

The selfie stations enable customers to share their photos on social media. For you, this is another valuable method of advertising your boot rental business. You can see how many shares you have generated. You can collect email addresses from potential new customers and see how many times your selfie booth pictures have been seen online.

It is a modern “word-of-mouth” advertising, which is run in an organic way, using online sources. People share photos that could include a customized backdrop featuring your company’s name. You can also use physical and digital props in the photos.

Being able to associate your event, or your company, with people obviously enjoying themselves and having a good time is invaluable.


Selfie stations are attractive devices to have at your events because people love the opportunity to take pictures of – and with – their friends and loved ones. With incredible and invaluable analytical features, a photo booth from Selfie Booth Co. is an ideal choice to promote your brand and to capture data instantly from your customers. 

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