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Everyone has seen Instagram models or celebrities taking flawless photos that accentuate every feature and cover up every flaw. Made more popular by Kim Kardashian, these photos cover over every imperfection so that they don’t exist. They smooth over your skin so that any blemish is no longer present. While you need a good camera for this kind of effect, you also need good editing. To get those kinds of photos can cost the kind of dollars that not everyone has.

Selfie Booth is introducing a new filter on its photo booth, which smooths your skin and leaves you looking amazing. You can have the Skin Smooth “Kardashian” style photo filter when you rent our Selfie Booth with any of our rental packages, making your night’s photos even better than before. Now, when you share or look back on your Selfie Booth photos, it will look amazing as if you had your own professional photographer taking and editing your photos. Selfie Booth’s new filter will give you a professional experience!




The various filters, studio lighting, and cutting-edge technology used on our Selfie Booth is sure to make every event memorable. And now, with our new filter, your friends, families, or employees won’t know the difference between a home holiday party or a professional photo shoot. Our affordable packages make renting the Selfie Booth an easy option to bringing your event to the next level.

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Selfie Booth Setup in a Party

1. Understand the Importance of Food at Events:

Whether you’re inviting friends for a cup of tea or meeting your in-laws for lunch, food has always been an integral part of our social lives. It’s one of the best ways to showcase hospitality and it offers an opportunity to connect with people. When planning a catered event, take time and effort to know your guests’ cuisine choices. For example, do they have dietary restrictions? Are your guests from a particular ethnic background? Are they coming from another town or country? Hire a dependable caterer who is not only licensed and accredited but also insured—and of course, experienced!

2. Timing Is Everything:

It may be alright for guests to be late to an event, but when planning, always make sure you are on-time and things are scheduled properly. From the time food is served to the speaker’s scheduled speech, things should move like clockwork. Attendees who have invested time and money in the event expect a smooth experience. When a certain aspect of the event is thrown off schedule, it could affect the entire experience, so be sure to prioritize the schedule.

3. Keeping Guests Entertained:

Making sure your guests are entertained is perhaps the biggest challenge of all. Standard ideas include arranging games, karaoke, hiring a caricature artist, or even arranging a scavenger hunt for the younger guests. But if you’d like to take things a notch up, try getting a selfie booth. Your guests can strike a pose and then post the pictures instantly to their social media accounts. This is an excellent way to keep teenagers and younger adults entertained. You can also give guests printed photos as keepsakes to remember your event. You can create customized backdrops, choose from a wide range of photo filters, and even let guests create animated GIFs.

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