Tips to Transition from Part-Time to Full Time

  1. Build on the events that you already do. If you hire out your photo booth at weddings at the weekend, then you could expand this to events on a weekday too. Weddings take place all through the week these days, so you can increase your events easily by opening up your diary to the full week rather than the weekend.

    Working with wedding and party venues will also help, especially if they recommend your services to their clients. Building a good relationship with venues will help boost your business to full time.    
  2. Diversify your themed events. Perhaps now you have a few backdrops and themes for your photo booth, so to increase your business, you could add to your collection. By offering specialist themes such as Christmas, birthday parties, and baby showers, you can open up your business to more clients and improve your bookings throughout the week.    
  3. Find ways to rent out your photo booth during the daytime. Most parties and events will occur in the evening or over the weekend, which can reduce your potential capacity. But thinking about other options during the week can help increase your business. Think about corporate events and company or school portraits. Thinking outside the obvious uses for your photo booth will drum up more business and give you a wider range of bookings.    

    Here are some tips you can use to better market your photo booth business.

How to begin moving your photo booth activity to a full-time business

First of all, you should do your research. Review your current business and what your current clients like about what Photo Booths you offer. Then find out what additional services are popular and what is already available in your area. Check out your competition and see if there are any holes in the market that your business could potentially fill. Put all this research together and make a plan for moving forward towards your full-time photo booth business.

Then, market your business to make sure potential clients know you are available for more events than previously, whether this is new services that you are offering or just opening up your diary to offer more times and dates throughout the week. You can make your Photo Booths work for you and rent them out as your sole business. Are you ready to make your photo booth rental your full-time job?

Couple taking Picture From Sefiebooth

Everyone has seen Instagram models or celebrities taking flawless photos that accentuate every feature and cover up every flaw. Made more popular by Kim Kardashian, these photos cover over every imperfection so that they don’t exist. They smooth over your skin so that any blemish is no longer present. While you need a good camera for this kind of effect, you also need good editing. To get those kinds of photos can cost the kind of dollars that not everyone has.

Selfie Booth is introducing a new filter on its photo booth, which smooths your skin and leaves you looking amazing. You can have the Skin Smooth “Kardashian” style photo filter when you rent our Selfie Booth with any of our rental packages, making your night’s photos even better than before. Now, when you share or look back on your Selfie Booth photos, it will look amazing as if you had your own professional photographer taking and editing your photos. Selfie Booth’s new filter will give you a professional experience!




The various filters, studio lighting, and cutting-edge technology used on our Selfie Booth is sure to make every event memorable. And now, with our new filter, your friends, families, or employees won’t know the difference between a home holiday party or a professional photo shoot. Our affordable packages make renting the Selfie Booth an easy option to bringing your event to the next level.

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