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So why not let someone else handle that part for you so you can work on planning the rest of the event? If you’re looking for a photo booth rental San Mateo, Selfie Booth is a great service that will take care of all the logistics so your guests can enjoy a quality photo booth experience. They offer options to rent or even buy a photo booth for a variety of events.


Weddings are a lot of fun, but the guests usually have a fair bit of downtime while they wait for the wedding pictures to finish up. They will probably spend this time talking with the others at their table, but why not give them something else to do? A photo booth lets your guests entertain themselves and their friends while they wait. Besides, the married couple shouldn’t be the only ones who go home with pictures, right?

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties bring all sorts of people together, and instead of designating someone to take pictures (and probably not be in any of them), you can let people take their own pictures. Even if there is an official photographer, the goofy pictures from a photo booth have a different charm to them than the candid or staged shots taken by a professional.

School Dances

School dances are perfect opportunities for a photo booth. While dancing is the main attraction, most people will need a breather every now and again, and those breaks are a great time to take some photos with friends. And when the music dies down, they’ll still be laughing together over the silly pictures.

Corporate Events

Corporate events can be a little uncomfortable at times, generally because people who are accustomed to acting in formal situations find themselves together in a more casual environment. What better way to break any unnecessary tension than with a collection of goofy props? And when those pictures end up on the office fridge, everyone will get a good laugh.


Whether your event is listed above or you have something else in mind, a photo booth can add that little bit of extra charm to the experience. Selfie Booth is located in San Francisco, so if you are looking for a photo booth rental Oakland, give them a call. With five stars from both Google reviews and Yelp, you can’t go wrong with a reliable local company.

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Keep reading to learn all about selfie booths and why you should have one at your next NYC event. 

What is a Selfie Booth?

A selfie booth is a technologically advanced photo booth complete with a full touch-screen mirror, a high-resolution digital camera, and digital upload or photo printing capabilities. These selfie booths are super trendy. Say goodbye to the traditional photo booths of the past and hello to Instagram-worthy pictures from your next event.

Perfect Events for a Photo Booth

Photo booths are perfect for any event you’re planning to have. From birthday parties to weddings, to baby showers, to family reunions, to business events, they will be sure to add some extra fun to your party.

Any party you want to have in NYC is a perfect party to rent a selfie booth. From indoor to outdoor events, photo booths are a super fun activity for every guest you invite.

Why Have a Selfie Booth at your Next NYC Event?

Selfie booths offer a way for your guests to connect and have fun with each other. With special props and backdrops, you can take silly to serious photos that compile in a digital album that you can share with all your attendees. 

You can find highly affordable selfie booth rentals, so you don’t need to purchase a whole photo booth. Plus, if you have a selfie booth, there’s no need to hire a photographer for your event. Your guests will be so excited to upload all their selfie booth photos to social media to promote your brand or to save those lasting memories.

Selfie Booth Event Tips

If you do rent a photo booth for your next event, a great tip is to purchase customized props, backgrounds, and photo frames. This way, your guests will have super unique and fun pictures that match the theme of your party.

It’s also important to place the selfie booth in an area where lots of people will see it. If you put the selfie booth near the dance floor at an event, for example, soon enough, there will be a long line of people waiting to use it.

In Conclusion

Selfie photo booths are the newest, trendiest way to have a great time at your next NYC event. They provide high-resolution memories from your event that you can fully customize; plus, you’ll have a digital album of all the great photos you took to remember everyone who attended your event. 

If you do rent an NYC photo booth, make sure to purchase customized backgrounds and props and to put the photo booth in a place where many people will get to enjoy it, like next to the dance floor at a wedding reception.


If you need a photo booth in New York, look no further than Selfie Booth Co. Selfie Booth Co provides high-quality, durable exhibition booth rental New York City. You can also choose from a variety of packages and included filters for your photo booth.

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What is an Open-Air Photo Booth?

An open-air photo booth is a portable, weatherproof photo booth that can be used outside. These are different from traditional photo booths because they are compact, portable, and easy to move around. Open-air photo booths provide high-quality images with a selfie mirror photo booth effect. 

Why Selfie Booths are Great for Outdoor Events

Selfie photo booths are perfect for outdoor weddings, baby showers, or family reunions. And since the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor events are now more popular than ever. Let’s take a look at why selfie booths are a great option for outdoor events.

They’re Portable

Selfie booths are lightweight, and many can be folded down so they can be transported even in small cars. Outdoor events require portability because it’s so difficult to carry a huge photo booth out and around the event. Open-air photo booths ensure easy portability.

They’re Weatherproof

Selfie booths have a huge added benefit of being weatherproof. With an open-air photo booth, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your digital photos because the photo booth is designed to be used outdoors.

How Selfie Booths Help Maintain Social Distancing

Health officials across the world are recommending that people keep at least six feet apart from each other, even when outdoors. An outdoor environment is a great place to have an event because it ensures the safety of your guests.

Selfie booths are a perfect way to maintain social distancing at your event because they allow you to host outdoors. This would be impossible for an old-fashioned photo booth, but with new open-air photo booths, you can easily host an event outside and bring the photo booth with you no matter the weather. Open-air photo booths are a great option for an outdoor event when you are trying to maximize the safety of your guests while still ensuring that everyone has a great time and that they remember your event forever.


Open-air photo booths are a trendy and fun option for your next wedding, baby shower, family reunion, or business event. Since they are portable and weatherproof, they enable you to take high-quality photos outdoors to ensure your guests can maintain social distancing.

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Now that you know why to get an open-air photo booth, let’s get to the how. If you’re in search of a Dallas photo booth company, we’d recommend checking out Selfie Booth Co. It can provide you with high-quality photo booths in Dallas that will be perfect for your next outdoor event. These photo booths are durable, compact, and super trendy. Your Dallas guests will be sure to remember your event forever.

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