Selfie Booth Setup in a Party

Getting a Photo Booth Rental

Photo booths are a great way to set your Black Friday party apart from the rest. Getting a photo booth rental for your party can:

  • Encourage your guests to mingle
  • Entertain your guests for hours
  • Make your event more memorable

Luckily, finding a photo booth to buy or rent is easy. Selfie Booth Co. has several locations throughout the US that offer photo booths both for rent and sale. They also offer a variety of packages that include additional services, so you can find a package that’s perfect for your party. 

Below, we’ll talk a bit more about renting a selfie booth at Selfie Booth Co.’s locations in San Francisco and Dallas. Read on to learn more about these locations and the packages they can offer at your next Black Friday party!

Rent Selfie Booth San Francisco, California

If you’re in California and want a photo booth for your Black Friday party, you should rent Selfie Booth San Francisco. This location is perfect for any parties in the region and offers a variety of packages with items and services, including:

  • Fun props
  • Backdrops
  • Custom logos
  • Physical and digital photo options
  • Photo packages
  • Photo booth attendants

With everything you could possibly need in one place, renting a photo booth has never been easier. 

Selfie Booth Co. Dallas, Texas

Selfie Booth Co. isn’t just in California. For those down south, you may be close enough to get a photo booth rental from Selfie Booth Co.Dallas, Texas. This is an award-winning photo booth location that offers a variety of packages for customers needing a photo booth at any event – even a Black Friday party!

Selfie Booth Co. in Dallas, Texas, offers many different selfie booth machines for your choosing. Some machines are best suited for physical photos, while others have digital photo capabilities. These will send photos to your email or phone, so you can save them digitally. This is a great option for those wanting to save money on paper and ink and want an easy way to upload their photo onto social media. Digital photo booths can help spread the word about your great party, but physical ones are also classic and enjoyed by many. 

If you’re concerned about cost, talk to Selfie Booth Co. about your thoughts and budget for your party. They can help you find a package that fits your needs without breaking the bank. They can also help you customize a logo for your event, so you can have photos displaying “Black Friday 2022” or a variation of your choosing. Then, your guests can always remember when and where they took such great photos!


Renting a selfie booth for your Black Friday party has never been easier. For more information, reach out to Selfie Booth Co. on their website or visit their shop in person. Their employees are more than happy to help you find the package you need for your Black Friday party. 

We recommend reaching out to them in advance so they have time to assist as needed. You don’t want your party to come and not have a photo booth, after all!

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Photo Booth in Cristmas Party

Photo booths are an easy way to make this year’s Christmas party your best one yet. So keep reading to learn all about why you should get a photo booth for your party, what kind of photo booth to get, and how to find the best photo booth in Dallas.

Why Photo Booths are Perfect for Christmas Parties

Photo booths are amazing for any Christmas party. Any party needs fun activities, but a work Christmas party or large family gathering can be especially boring for some guests. You can easily avoid boredom by renting a photo booth for your party.

Your guests can enjoy taking photos together for some good team bonding, and everyone can go home with their own souvenir from the party in the form of printed out photos. Portable photo booths especially are super easy to rent and transport, so you don’t have to do much work to get this awesome activity for your party.

What Kind of Photo Booth to Get for a Christmas Party

If you’ve decided you want to rent a photo booth for your party, you might be curious what kind of photo booth is most suitable. There are generally two kinds of photo booths: traditional photo booths and selfie photo booths. We highly recommend selfie photo booths for a Christmas party.

But what are the differences between these types of photo booths and which is better for your party?

Traditional vs. Selfie Photo Booth

A traditional photo booth is a large, clunky booth that you may see in the back of an old bar or event space. They print out great photos but aren’t portable and often have technical and mechanical issues. Selfie photo booths, on the other hand, are lightweight and portable, and there are tons of photo booth rental companies out there to choose from. Selfie booths are also completely digital and offer online albums of all the photos you take during your event.

Many selfie photo booth rental companies also allow frame and background customization. You can use these features to create a winter wonderland scene and totally up the festivity level of your Christmas party.

Will You Get a Photo Booth for Your Christmas Party?

Now you know that selfie booths are a great option for any Christmas party. They’re portable, customizable, and allow digital upload to social media. Renting one for your party seems like a no-brainer. 

If you’re looking for photo booths in Dallas, now you’ll want to know where to find the best one so that your party can be a blast.

Recommendations–Photo Booth Rental Dallas

If you’ve decided that you want to rent a selfie booth for your Christmas party, you’ll want to make sure you find a company that rents out affordable photo booths that are high quality. For a great quality photo booth Dallas that comes with special customization options, check out Selfie Booth Co. They are a Dallas photo booth company that offers portable photo booth rental and delivery, so you can super easily rent a photo booth for your Dallas party online, and Selfie Booth Co. will deliver it to you. Plus, you can easily customize the printed backgrounds.

Have you used a selfie booth at a party before? Tell us about your experience! And don’t forget to like and share on social media!

2 Kids Using Props

What is an Open-Air Photo Booth?

An open-air photo booth is a portable, weatherproof photo booth that can be used outside. These are different from traditional photo booths because they are compact, portable, and easy to move around. Open-air photo booths provide high-quality images with a selfie mirror photo booth effect. 

Why Selfie Booths are Great for Outdoor Events

Selfie photo booths are perfect for outdoor weddings, baby showers, or family reunions. And since the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor events are now more popular than ever. Let’s take a look at why selfie booths are a great option for outdoor events.

They’re Portable

Selfie booths are lightweight, and many can be folded down so they can be transported even in small cars. Outdoor events require portability because it’s so difficult to carry a huge photo booth out and around the event. Open-air photo booths ensure easy portability.

They’re Weatherproof

Selfie booths have a huge added benefit of being weatherproof. With an open-air photo booth, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your digital photos because the photo booth is designed to be used outdoors.

How Selfie Booths Help Maintain Social Distancing

Health officials across the world are recommending that people keep at least six feet apart from each other, even when outdoors. An outdoor environment is a great place to have an event because it ensures the safety of your guests.

Selfie booths are a perfect way to maintain social distancing at your event because they allow you to host outdoors. This would be impossible for an old-fashioned photo booth, but with new open-air photo booths, you can easily host an event outside and bring the photo booth with you no matter the weather. Open-air photo booths are a great option for an outdoor event when you are trying to maximize the safety of your guests while still ensuring that everyone has a great time and that they remember your event forever.


Open-air photo booths are a trendy and fun option for your next wedding, baby shower, family reunion, or business event. Since they are portable and weatherproof, they enable you to take high-quality photos outdoors to ensure your guests can maintain social distancing.

Recommendations: Where to Get an Open-Air Photo Booth in Dallas

Now that you know why to get an open-air photo booth, let’s get to the how. If you’re in search of a Dallas photo booth company, we’d recommend checking out Selfie Booth Co. It can provide you with high-quality photo booths in Dallas that will be perfect for your next outdoor event. These photo booths are durable, compact, and super trendy. Your Dallas guests will be sure to remember your event forever.

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