Friends in Halloween Costume Taking Selfie

As children, didn’t we all love Halloween? It was the perfect time for gathering with friends and family, and it always kicked off the festive season! But as the years passed, the parties became predictable and dull. The same old costumes, glaring lights, spooky music, and some boring Halloween-themed games were it—there was hardly anything different anywhere.

If you want things to be different this year, and if you’re planning to throw a Halloween party that people will remember for a very long time, read on!

1 – Understand Your Audience:

Planning a Halloween party for adults is easy—all you have to do is arrange for plenty of drinks, some good music, and great food and you’ve got things under control. If you’d like to add a fun element, you could arrange for a photo booth rental—these always add an extra dose of fun.

Planning a party exclusively for kids is a different ballgame altogether. You have to come up with a theme that children can relate to while ensuring that it’s not too scary. Game ideas also change accordingly; passing the parcel and scavenger hunts are some fun ideas.

But the most challenging parties are for families. You have to look for activities that people can enjoy along with their kids; for example, the toilet paper mummy game or face painting.

2 – Planning the Games:

You could hire a magician for some professional-quality tricks or you could learn online how to perform them yourself. Fake spiders, fake hands, and fake slimy worms are also some things you can buy. If you are planning games for the family, how about arranging a face-your-fear eating challenge? Blindfold guests and feed them an array of slimy and squiggly foods with unusual textures—ask them to guess the foods. Children can be asked to guess the number of lollipops and other treats in a jar!

3 – Hire a Photo Booth

A photo booth rental is a great way to ensure everyone is entertained throughout the whole party. In fact, our photo booth in Los Angeles has been a long-time favorite for party lovers. We can arrange for props and customized backdrops with Halloween themes; they’re sure to make for a fun event. Your guests will get access to unlimited prints, and they’ll even be able to share photos on social media instantly. For corporate parties, create unique hashtags that can be shared for maximum effect.

Group Taking Picture Infront of Beach Print Backdrop

1 – Halloween Parties Don’t Have to Be Scary for Children:

Whether it’s scary masks or haunted houses, Halloween parties always involve elements of spookiness. Therefore, Halloween can be a scary and confusing time for young children. If children are going to be at your party, get rid of the scary stuff! You can still have fun without zombie costumes and macabre themes. Encourage parents to dress up as fun characters from popular kid’s shows. And if you decide to include scary elements, help your children not to be scared by teaching them empowering words. When someone scary approaches them, encourage them to shout “No!” or “Go Away!”

2 – Don’t Forget to Include Fun Activities:

If you are arranging a corporate Halloween party, hire fire jugglers and ask a bartender to attend so some Halloween-themed cocktails can be made. Of course there must be a DJ playing spooky music—it sets the mood! Hire our photo booth rental in Los Angeles to impress everyone. Some spooky props and customized scary backdrops are exactly what your guests need. And if you need fun ideas for the little ones, include kid-friendly props like pumpkins, hay bales, friendly monsters from Monsters Inc., and more. With our photo booth, guests can share photos instantly via email or social media. They also get unlimited prints! Are you looking for fun prop ideas and spooky backdrops? Check us out if you’re interested in photo booth rentals.

3 – Planning Halloween-Themed Games:

There are plenty of spooky games that can add life and enjoyment to your party. Besides the classic apple bobbing, try some unique games like Halloween-themed scavenger hunts, Halloween-themed bingo, toilet paper mummy, or even a donut-eating challenge. If it’s a corporate party, look for spooky ways to break the ice; poison apple bobbing or crack the skull are some good ideas.

4 – Pay Attention to the Décor

The decorations are what get everyone in the mood for Halloween. You don’t only want attendees to remember the party—they should be taking pictures and sharing them on social media as well.