Why Should You Get a Photo Booth for Your Wedding?

Photo booths are a super fun party element for any occasion, but especially for weddings. They provide an entertaining activity for your guests while also creating memories that will last a lifetime.

If you get a photo booth for your next wedding, you’ll have great memories from your special night that you can save forever.

If you don’t want to hire a photographer for your reception, just get a photo booth! Photo booths provide fun, great quality photos, and you don’t have to shell out money for a photographer.

Photo Booth Tips

Whether you’re planning your own wedding or a wedding for a client, if you are thinking about getting a photo booth for your wedding, you’ll need some tips to get the most out of it.

Here are our top five tips when renting a photo booth for a wedding.

1) Rent a Quality Photo Booth

If you are renting a photo booth for your wedding, you will want one that is durable and takes beautiful photos. Make sure to do your research so that you know you’re getting a quality product that will deliver quality results.

2) Put the Photo Booth in a Visible Location

Once you’ve rented the photo booth, you’ll want to put it in a location – maybe in your reception hall, where guests will see it and want to use it. Try putting your photo booth next to the dance floor or by an entrance or exit so all your guests see it and will want to take photos on it.

3) Customize Your Photo Booth

You can make your photo booth extra fun and exciting by purchasing custom props and backgrounds for your photo booth. You can purchase a custom background that has your name on it or buy funny props like mustaches, bow ties, and hats.

4) Encourage Guests to Post on Social Media

Once your guests take their photos, you’ll want them to share them all over social media. Companies like Selfie Booth Co. allow users to upload photos directly from the photo booth to social media. 

Uploading to social media is a perfect way to show off your special day!

5) Make a Scrapbook of Photo Booth Photos From Your Wedding

Make sure to get a copy of each photo taken, so you can make a scrapbook of photos in order to remember all the loved ones you saw there.

You’ll look back at this scrapbook years from now and be super grateful that you have these wonderful memories thanks to the photo booth.

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Photo booths are a great tool to make your wedding extra fun.

Make sure to rent a good-quality photo booth, customize it, put it in a very visible area for your guests, and tell them to upload their photos to social media.

Have you ever been to a wedding with a photo booth? Tell us about your experience down below!

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Fortunately, photo booth rental Los Angeles gives you the flexibility of customizing your booth whichever way you like it. Besides, you can customize it to suit a specific theme or purpose of the event.

Find out some of the ways you can customize your photo booth to spice up your event.

Customize the photo booth Los Angeles backdrop

Photo booth backdrops are going to appear in all your photos. For this reason, you need to make sure that the backdrop is both truly captivating but also doesn’t remove the spark from photos. Backdrops can be made of virtually anything. Some exciting ways to customize your photo booth background include:

  • Placing a poster of a favorite Avengers character
  • Getting those in attendance to write up words on the wall
  • Putting up 3D tiles of a fountain on the wall
  • A wedding event can have a big white floral wall
  • For a nostalgic feel, you can go for a polaroid-filled wall.

Custom props

Any event has its typical props, but a unique one will have them cut out to amplify the event’s theme. When setting out your photo booth, you can go further than just customizing the backdrop and give the props a personal touch.

You could ask the guests to order specific props online for a session inside the photo booth. You could also simply hand-make them for a more original feel.

Customize Photo booth rental Los Angeles Scrapbooks

Every rental photo booth comes with a scrapbook. You should go further and customize the scrapbooks by changing the front picture as well as the material, depending on the event. Wood-styled scrapbooks with floral designs are perfect for weddings. On the other hand, you can give your birthday party a unique appeal using a toy graphic white scrapbook with the baby’s name written in cute fonts at the front.

Personal touch picture frames

Why hand out generic photo print outs when you could make them more memorable with personalized picture frames. A custom made picture frame will ensure that your event is vividly remembered as no other event will have issued the exact same frames.

Pets are part of the family

We all love pets, don’t we? That being said, don’t leave them behind when setting out a photo booth for your event. Have picture cut-outs of your cat’s face or dog’s ears or tail hung on the wall. Prop up your caged bird to infuse a feel of nature. You can include all your pets in your booth customization.
In reality, photo booth Los Angeles gives you uncountable ways to set out for a unique event. Try them today for a truly memorable event.

1 – Halloween Parties Don’t Have to Be Scary for Children:

Whether it’s scary masks or haunted houses, Halloween parties always involve elements of spookiness. Therefore, Halloween can be a scary and confusing time for young children. If children are going to be at your party, get rid of the scary stuff! You can still have fun without zombie costumes and macabre themes. Encourage parents to dress up as fun characters from popular kid’s shows. And if you decide to include scary elements, help your children not to be scared by teaching them empowering words. When someone scary approaches them, encourage them to shout “No!” or “Go Away!”

2 – Don’t Forget to Include Fun Activities:

If you are arranging a corporate Halloween party, hire fire jugglers and ask a bartender to attend so some Halloween-themed cocktails can be made. Of course there must be a DJ playing spooky music—it sets the mood! Hire our photo booth rental in Los Angeles to impress everyone. Some spooky props and customized scary backdrops are exactly what your guests need. And if you need fun ideas for the little ones, include kid-friendly props like pumpkins, hay bales, friendly monsters from Monsters Inc., and more. With our photo booth, guests can share photos instantly via email or social media. They also get unlimited prints! Are you looking for fun prop ideas and spooky backdrops? Check us out if you’re interested in photo booth rentals.

3 – Planning Halloween-Themed Games:

There are plenty of spooky games that can add life and enjoyment to your party. Besides the classic apple bobbing, try some unique games like Halloween-themed scavenger hunts, Halloween-themed bingo, toilet paper mummy, or even a donut-eating challenge. If it’s a corporate party, look for spooky ways to break the ice; poison apple bobbing or crack the skull are some good ideas.

4 – Pay Attention to the Décor

The decorations are what get everyone in the mood for Halloween. You don’t only want attendees to remember the party—they should be taking pictures and sharing them on social media as well.

1. Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Most couples make the mistake of marrying right after their engagement. In your excitement, you may schedule the wedding without leaving enough time to plan for everything. With such short notice, you’re more likely to be stressed while trying to put everything together. It can make it harder to find a venue that’s open and schedule other wedding necessities.  Ideally, it’s best to wait a year from your engagement. A year might seem forever, but when considering all the preparations, you will be surprised how time flies. With enough time, you will be able to plan the décor, catering, and other arrangements to your presences.

2. Entertainment is Important

Years after the wedding, people may remember bits and pieces from the wedding ceremony and will most likely forget about the floral arrangements or the sashes on the chairs. But they are unlikely to forget the entertainment, especially if it was bad! When planning the entertainment for your wedding, look for unique options like live bands, magicians, live painters, photo booths, etc. Selfie Booth provides photo booth rental in Los Angeles and other surrounding cities. Call for information about hiring a photo booth. Selfie Booth offers unlimited prints, customized booths, and instant sharing facilities. The photos from a selfie booth can be given to guests as keepsakes.

3. Hire a Wedding Planner

The problem with hiring different people for different tasks is that you will have to constantly communicate with them all. The caterer, the musicians, and the photographer will all have different contact people that you’ll have to manage as you plan your wedding. For some, a professional wedding planner can take the stress out of wedding planning. They will be able to arrange for everything, including catering, the cake, photography, the venue, and décor. This jack of all trades makes things easier for you, allowing you to just enjoy your special day.

4. Share Your Worries With a Trusted Friend

Despite your best efforts, things are likely to go wrong. Rather than keeping things between you and your partner, it helps to confide in a friend. They are more likely to have an objective perspective of the issue and can help you handle any problem that may arise. Plus, some of your friends may have recently planned a wedding and can be a trove of great tips and ideas.

Your wedding can be a day where you can enjoy the love of a partner and the love of all those who came to celebrate with you. With the proper planning, this hectic time can create memories that you’ll cherish the rest of your life.

A Photo Booth Is an Opportunity to Keep Guests Entertained:

There is always potential for guests to get bored at parties. For example, when the newlyweds are busy doing a photo session, guests are more likely to lose excitement. When the band is busy arranging equipment, a similar result happens. A photo booth is the perfect attention-grabber: you can not only keep guests occupied but entertained as well with mementos to remember your event.

You Can Capture Priceless Moments With Friends and Family:

Weddings aren’t just about the ceremony. A wedding is a time when friends and family gather together to celebrate love, and sometimes weddings include people traveling from far off places and families who’ve never even met each other. If you’re looking to capture all the perfect moments of your crazy family having a good time, there’s no better way than to rent a photo booth. A photo booth provides the perfect opportunity to pose for goofy pictures. And because we offer unlimited prints, you could ask guests to put their photos in your guestbook.

A Photo Booth Is Perfect for All Ages:

The best thing about a photo booth is that it’s perfect for all ages. For the older generation, a photo booth is a throwback to the times when smartphone cameras didn’t exist. And for the younger generation, a photo booth provides an opportunity to snap funny photos.

Are you looking for a photo booth rental in Los Angeles? We can help!

They Are Perfect Icebreakers:

Unlike the rigid formality surrounding formal photo sessions, wedding photo booths allow guests to go wild and have fun. They also give you some unique moments that can be chronicled for to look back on years down the road. While you are enjoying your moment in the limelight, guests can keep themselves busy at the photo booth. Several years later when you’re flipping through the wedding album, these photos will surely put a smile on your face.

You Can Give These Photos Away as Party Favors:

Selfie Booth promises unlimited prints and several cool features, like boomerang and customized backdrops. You can also instantly share these photos via social media, for free, or give them away as wedding favors; these are memories from your wedding that guests will remember from your special day. Wish us, you don’t have to spend money on wedding favors!

Photo Booths Are a Fun Idea for People Who Do Not like Dancing:

Wedding parties aren’t always as much fun for people born with two left feet. At a typical wedding party, there’s not a lot to do for those who do not like to dance. Rather than staying glued to their chairs, guests can get into the photo booth and have some fun!

Are you looking for affordable photo booth rental options in Los Angeles? We can help!

1. They’re a Great Source of Entertainment:

Why would anyone pass on a great opportunity to take crazy photos with equally crazy props and backdrops?! In fact, it’s the craziness that attracts people to a selfie booth in the first place! You can either pick from one of the many backdrops we offer or customize one for your event with special messages, branding, emojis, and even pictures!

2. Printed Photos:

At Selfie Booth, we offer unlimited prints in three standard sizes, depending on the package you choose. You can also create a custom photo folder to protect these pictures. Why wait for the photographer to send you edited photos of the event when your guests can have instant access to them! And did we tell you, they get to share these to their own social media profiles instantly?

3. Helps with Brand Awareness:

Selfie booths are perfect for business events and promotions. The next time you hold a product launch, encourage guests to take photos in the selfie booth and upload their photos to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with a customized hashtag and branding! They can also take the photos as a souvenir which helps branding each time they show someone the photo.

Are you looking for a photo booth in Los Angeles? Call me or send an email!