Girls Taking Picture infront of Green Backdrop

Fortunately, our Los Angeles photo booth rentals give you the flexibility of customizing your booth whichever way you like it. Besides, you can customize it to suit a specific theme or purpose of the event.

Find out some of the ways you can customize your photo booth to spice up your event.

Customize the photo booth Los Angeles backdrop

Photo booth backdrops are going to appear in all your photos. For this reason, you need to make sure that the backdrop is both truly captivating but also doesn’t remove the spark from photos. Backdrops can be made of virtually anything. Some exciting ways to customize your photo booth background include:

  • Placing a poster of a favorite Avengers character
  • Getting those in attendance to write up words on the wall
  • Putting up 3D tiles of a fountain on the wall
  • A wedding event can have a big white floral wall
  • For a nostalgic feel, you can go for a polaroid-filled wall.

Custom props

Any event has its typical props, but a unique one will have them cut out to amplify the event’s theme. When setting out your photo booth, you can go further than just customizing the backdrop and give the props a personal touch.

You could ask the guests to order specific props online for a session inside the photo booth. You could also simply hand-make them for a more original feel.

Customize Photo booth rental Los Angeles Scrapbooks

With Selfie Booth Co., every rental photo booth comes with a scrapbook. You should go further and customize the scrapbooks by changing the front picture as well as the material, depending on the event. Wood-styled scrapbooks with floral designs are perfect for weddings. On the other hand, you can give your birthday party a unique appeal using a toy graphic white scrapbook with the baby’s name written in cute fonts at the front.

Personal touch picture frames

Why hand out generic photo print outs when you could make them more memorable with personalized picture frames. A custom made picture frame will ensure that your event is vividly remembered as no other event will have issued the exact same frames.

Pets are part of the family

We all love pets, don’t we? That being said, don’t leave them behind when setting out a photo booth for your event. Have picture cut-outs of your cat’s face or dog’s ears or tail hung on the wall. Prop up your caged bird to infuse a feel of nature. You can include all your pets in your booth customization.
In reality, photo booth Los Angeles gives you uncountable ways to set out for a unique event. Try them today for a truly memorable event.

A Couple Taking Picture and Using Props

1. Locking Dates

Selecting a date can be one of the most challenging parts of planning a reunion. You have to find a date where a good percentage of people will be able to attend. Often, reunions are held during the summer or around a holiday. Thanksgiving and Christmas are popular options because many people come home for those holidays and might be in town. If the event is going to be at the school you graduated from, check with them if there are restrictions about a date or big events at the school you need to work around.

2. Spread the Word

Create an event page on Facebook or a group on some other form of social media to include everyone from your graduating class. Send all information and updates about the event through these sources. You can also have to pick an online ticketing platform to sell tickets, collect RSVP, and funds.

3. Choose a Theme

Themed reunions can be a lot of fun. You could recreate your prom night and ask everyone to dress in attire from that era. Don’t be surprised if some of your classmates have their original prom outfits and choose to wear them! Or opt for a throwback themed party with things that were popular in that period. From food and clothes to music and even movies, pick everything from your era. Other possible themes are a casino night, a Hawaiian luau or a night at the movies.

4. Entertainment

There are plenty of fun entertainment options that are also cost-effective. A photo booth from Selfie Booth Co. is a great option. They have helped to make hundreds of reunions special and memorable. Your guests will love to take their pictures on customized backdrops, and the unlimited prints help them take these photos with them as memorable keepsakes. If you are looking for a photo booth in Los Angeles, visit Selfie Booth Co. online. Other options for entertainment can be DJs, live bands, and ice breaker activities and games.

These tips are sure to make your reunion an event you and your guests will remember for a long time. For information about photo booth pricing and packages, call 424 307 5992.